Spanking Time!

Now for something different… I was asked if I could reimagine two characters from a well-know cartoon engaging in a playful spanking… So I had a go at it! I think I do enjoy punitive spankings more, spankings with a reason and purpose, but if both are enjoying it, it can be a very sensual, sexual thing too, of course!

I hope the two characters are somewhat recognisable, though ^^adventure time

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Aux francophones de passage!

Tout d’abord, mes excuses à celles ou ceux tombés sur ce blog par hasard, en tapant “fessée” dans un moteur de recherche ou que-sais-je, et déçus de ne trouver que des textes en anglais ici. A dire vrai, le public anglophone est tout simplement, et très logiquement plus large… C’est vénal, je sais… Mais je voulais également me frotter un peu à la langue de Shakespeare et voir si je pouvais enchanter d’autres publics que celui de ma langue maternelle. Pari en suspends pour l’instant mais les retours sont positifs et je m’en réjouis!

Néanmoins, j’ai voulu inclure cette référence à la langue de Molière dans la tagline (ironie!) quand j’ai créé ce blog il y a peu, car je ne renie pas la possibilité d’y mettre aussi des textes en français, qu’ils soient originaux ou de simples traductions de ceux en anglais. J’avais pensé faire une version totalement bilingue du blog, mais cela me semble être beaucoup de travail pour un résultat pour le moins incertain. J’espère que les gribouillis que je poste vous plaisent, quand bien même vous ne saisiriez pas leur contexte.

Reste que s’il y en a parmis-vous qui seraient intéressés de me lire en français plus souvent, n’hésitez pas à vous manifester, on publie pour être lu et servir son auditoire, n’est-ce pas?

Ses mains sans cesse et sans relâche
Passaient des claques à la cravache
De la ceinture au cruel fouet
Des canes souples au martinet
Il frappait encore et encore
Marquant sa peau, sa chair, son corps
Il la fessait, la punissait
Mais toujours d’un commun accord
Dans son intime il inscrivait
Son nom, jamais plus effacé
Son être entier lui confessaient
Son amour fou de la fessée
Son désir fou de la fesser

Katia and the cheerleader

“Tut, tut, tut,” Katia said, leaning a shoulder against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest, one foot resting on its toes as she crossed her legs as well. Shaven hair on one side, tattooed arms, always in jeans and revendicative tee-shirts, the tall, slender girl was the resident rebel of the high school’s seniors.

The one she was tutting at, a blond, toned yet curvy girl in her tight long-sleeved numbered shirt, was one of the cheerleaders. Her name was Claire, and she nervously looked up at Katia.

“What do you want?” she barked, one arm behind her back.

“That’s a filthy habit, you know?” the punkette answered with a nudge of her head towards the cheerleader. She smiled.

“Wh… what is?” she said, unable to control her blushing.

“What you’re hiding behind your back… You know?”

“What do you care,” she said, defiant, as she brought her hand to the fore, still holding a half-smoked cigarette.

“I don’t,” Katia said with a smile, “but the Principal might. You know the rules, don’t you? He wouldn’t be pleased…”

Their school, or rather, their private institute was indeed famous for its strict, some said antiquated rules. Corporal punishments were still frequent, administered in public on Friday afternoons in front of the whole school in congress. Katia herself was well aware of it, having been on that stand more times than she cared for, her panties pulled down to her knees, her bottom paddled mercilessly by the principal in front of her mocking classmates. Where it not for the riches of her parents, she would have been expelled a long time ago.

“Since when do you care about the rules?” Claire said with a sneer, “Aren’t you an anarchist or something?” The disdain was evident in her eyes. She laughed and lit her cigarette back.

Katia got off the wall and walked towards her, grabbing the smoking stub out of the blonde’s mouth.

“What’s your problem!?” Claire yelled, her hands grabbing for it, “Let me be you dumb bitch…”

“Oh I’m the dumb bitch, huh?” the tall girl said, holding the cigarette away from her counterpart. “Fine, I’ll just go see what the Principal has to say about it…”

“Stop it! He wouldn’t believe you anyway!” Claire said, enraged, “And I’ll tell him you were the one smoking!”

“Oh yeah…” Katia held the cigarette butt before her, “not with all that red lipstick on it, honey…” She grinned.

“You…” Claire started, “What do you want?”

“I’m pretty sure the punishment for smoking is at least thirty swats with the paddle… I think it’s been a while since one of you pom-poms were punished, hasn’t it?”

Claire kept silent, glaring at her.

“Think of all the guys just dying to see that…”

Claire tightened her jaw. “Again, what do you want?” she muttered.

“Well,” Katia said with a wide smile, “If you let me spank you here and now, I will spare you the public humiliation… I know what it’s like, and you wouldn’t like it…”

The cheerleader frowned, “That’s a joke, right?”

“Nope. Either I spank you right now or you can take your chances with the principal…”

Claire looked down at the floor, nervously playing with her hair as she pondered the dilemma. She knew the school’s staff was uncompromising on smoking. One of her classmates had had to bring a cushion to class for a few days just two weeks earlier, and had been mocked mercilessly by some other pupils. As a cheerleader, she would be a prime target for teasing and humiliation.

On the other hand… She wasn’t about to let some… Wannabe rebel spank her! No, she wouldn’t.

“Tic-toc, princess,” Katia said mockingly.

“I… What proof do I have that you won’t go to the Principal anyway?”

“You don’t have any, but I’ll give it back to you as soon as I’m done with your butt, no pun intended…” she answered;

Claire rolled her eyes. “How do I know you’re not lying?”

“You don’t, you’ll have to trust me!”

The cheerleader fell silent again and Katia held up her right hand.

“You might think that I don’t respect anything but my word is sacred,” she said, suddenly very serious.

Claire fixed the floor, blushing. She chewed her lip, hesitating, thinking. “All right,” she murmured, finally.

“What was that?”

“I said all right!” the young blonde said, her anger flaring up again, “Do what you must, you… pervert… and be done with it!” She couldn’t believe what she was about to let that… that… that stupid bitch do to her, but she knew it couldn’t possibly hurt as bad as the paddle, and she would do practically anything to spare herself the public humiliation and the stain on her perfect record. What’s more, smoking could eventually cost her her place on the team, as cheerleaders were to be paragons of the school’s alumni. The Principal could very well decide that her smoking was giving too bad an example to her fellow students.

Mortified, she followed Katia to a flight of stairs on which the punkette sat down, and she came to lie across her knees. She was angry, angry at Katia for taking advantage of the situation, angry at the school for its stupid rules, angry at her parents for putting her in it and signing off on corporal punishment. It dawned on her that that was probably what Katia felt like on a daily basis. Then, ultimately, she was angry at herself for being so stupid, for smoking, and for having gotten caught. She was lost in her anger when the first slap came, snapping her out of it. She howled.

Katia didn’t give her a chance to say a thing and hammered her victim’s bottom with large, powerful slaps, already enjoying the bounce and jiggle of that firm, round bottom. She spanked left and right, never relenting, building up the heat in Claire’s behind right away, giving her no rest in between hard spanks.

The cheerleader was restless, turning and squirming over her lap, trying to escape the slaps as they rained down on her cheeks. Her cries of pain were quickly turning into pitiful mewling, her anger gone and replaced with pain, shame and fear. It returned quickly when Katia declared “Take your shorts down.”

That was a bridge too far, and she started yelling at her, calling her all the expletives she knew, promising vengeance. Katia silenced her with a series of hard, wrathful slaps.

“You agreed to my terms,” she warned, “You’re getting punished as I see fit, or you won’t get the cigarette back.”

“That’s blackmail!” Claire said, tears starting to roll off her cheeks.

“Yup,” Katia grinned, “Now take off your shorts.”

Anger deforming her beautiful face, Claire got up and pulled her pair of jean shorts all the way to her knees, stomping her feet, her face nearly as red as her already well punished bottom. She got back over Katia’s lap, trembling.

“I hate you…” she said between her gritted teeth.

“Believe me, I’m doing you a favour,” she answered.

Claire scoffed and stayed silent.

“Now, what did you call me a minute ago?” Katia said with a menacing grin, and as Claire’s eyes opened in fear, the rain of spanks started anew, her light, white panties little barrier against the punkette’s fury. She slapped, and spanked, and whacked, and smacked, punishing blow after punishing blow, turning the cheerleader’s bottom a cherry red in mere minutes. Grabbing her knickers, she pulled them down swiftly, ignoring any protestation. A proper spanking was on the bare, everyone knew that.


Katia was jubilating, ecstatic. She had always dreamed of bringing one of the haughty cheerleaders down a peg, and now she was fulfilling two fantasies in one. As the heat spread to the blonde’s bottom and thighs, so it did between her own legs, bringing her pangs of frustration when she couldn’t pleasure herself right there, right then. She caught a glimpse of the cheerleader’s intimacy. It was glistening. She felt a sudden rise of desire and bit her lip. That delicious, bouncy, red, round bottom…

She kept spanking it with abandon, her hand burning with pain, her arm tiring with the constant effort. Claire was crying, bawling, pleading until at last she stopped. With a final hard slap she announced “Done!” and let the sobbing cheerleader get up, rubbing her bottom.

Katia took the half-smoked cigarette and offered it to her.

“There, I’ll keep my word.” Claire snatched it and threw it to the ground, flattening it with the sole of her Converse shoe. She pulled her shorts back up with a wince, she large, swollen bottom struggling to fit, much to the delight of her onlooking tormentor. She sat down on the stairs with a grimace of pain and wrapped her arms around her knees. Katia laid back a little.

“I hate you,” the cheerleader said matter-of-factly, her head resting on her knees, tears still wet on her face.

“I know,” Katia answered with a shrug. She looked down, softly rubbing her thighs together, sending waves of guilty pleasure up her core. There was a long silence.

“Thank you…” Claire finally said. She looked the other way, half angry, half relieved that it was over. Katia looked at her in surprise.

“You’re… Welcome?” she said, unsure what to say.

“I…” A pause, “If I ever need to be motivated…” She was still looking away, not daring to look at the other girl’s dark shadowed eyes.

And Katia smiled, a genuine, happy smile that hadn’t grazed her lips in a long while.

Julia’s boss

She was standing in front of his desk, twisting her hands behind her back, looking down, red in the face. She dared not speak. He took his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I needed these sent two days ago, Julia,” he said, grabbing a handful of papers and raising them up for her to see.

“Oh these…” she said in a tiny, trembling voice. She grabbed the edge of her tight skirt and nervously played with the fabric.

“Yes, these,” he snapped, slamming them back on the desk. “Now we might lose that contract! You told me everything was ready to go!” He looked up at the young mid-twenties girl in her short skirt and tight, smart jacket

“I…” she hesitated, then murmured, “I couldn’t… I couldn’t find them anymore and…”

“And you didn’t think to… ask?” He pinched the bridge of his nose again. “How long have you been working here, Julia?”

“A… A year, sir… I…”

“A year.” He paused, leaving her to guess his intentions, “And in these twelve months, how many times have I needed to correct your mistakes?”

“I… A few times, sir…” she said, head bowed, blushing even more.

“So, why do you keep doing the same mistakes over and over again?”

“I don’t know, sir,” she said, tears filling her eyes, “I’m trying… Please, don’t fire me…”

He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “I’m not going to fire you,” he said calmly, “but I can’t let this pass with no consequence. Do you understand that?

Julia nodded pitifully, “Yes, sir, I understand…” Her hands were still behind her back, and with her head bowed she looked the picture of a scolded schoolgirl before a stern teacher.

He got up, putting the tip of his fingers on the desk, and declared: “I am going to spank you, right now, over my knees, Julia. And that is what will happen every time you make a mistake in this office.”

She gasped, covering her mouth, her eyes widening in surprise and fear.

“A… A sp… A spanking?” she stuttered, “But sir… You… You can’t…”

“I’m being absolutely serious, Julia,” he interrupted, “I won’t be so lenient anymore. I need things done properly in this office, and I need to be able to rely on you.”

“But sir…” she pleaded, “I… I’ll be more careful, I… I’ll do my best… Just… Please, you can’t spank me like some… Little… brat or something…” She felt like she had never blushed so hard in her life. The mere idea got her on the verge of tears, and she nervously bit her lip, looking at the pile of papers on the desk.

He gently, yet firmly took her arm and directed her towards his chair, without a word. In a daze, she didn’t find any to say either, and she followed, mesmerised. he sat down, keeping silent, and gestured for her to lie across his lap.

“Sir… Please…” she tried… But he would have none of it. He raised a finger and pointed at her.

“You will take the punishment you know you deserve, Julia, I’m sick and tired of your mistakes. I’ve been way too lenient with you and you know it.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks and it was all she could do not to completely break out in tears. She shyly, submissively nodded her head and went down and over his lap, her round bottom slightly raised for him to punish as he saw fit.

He patted it a few times and she screwed up her eyes, expecting the first slap any moment. She didn’t have to wait long.


The first blow came, and she cried out in pain. “Ooooooooooow!! Sir…”

“No, Julia,” he said calmly, “We are going all the way with this.” And as he said, so he did, his hand raising and falling in a slowly increasing rhythm, harder and harder, dishing out more and more pain to her poor behind. She couldn’t help but cry out with every slap, half cries, half moans that made her even more ashamed of her situation. Still the slaps came, long series over one cheek, then the other. Pain, burning pain was all that she could feel now. Tears were freely flowing.

When the skirt came up, revealing her lacy stockings and garter-belt, she didn’t even think to protest, nor did she say a word when her panties found themselves half-way down across her thighs. Completely subservient, she took her punishment as she had been told she should, without a word of protest.

That didn’t stop him pouring spank after hard spank over her buttocks, reddening them more and more as he went. As in all things, he was thorough, not leaving a single square centimetre of white flesh on her large bottom. She was sobbing, her legs kicking as the slaps came down over and over, and over again.


Finally, and for the first time since her punishment had started, he stopped. She winced and expected more slaps to come. Was he going to do something else to her? Was she about to get the paddle? Did he keep a cane hidden somewhere in his office? The thoughts raced in her head, each one worse than the other.

“I think that’ll be enough,” he said, much to her surprise, “and I hope I won’t need to do it again, Julia.”

The tears choked her and she could only nod forcefully. He got her up and pointed at one side of  the table.

“Bend over the desk, your arms and hands flat upon it.”

She obeyed without protest and closed her eyes. She had never felt more humiliated in her entire life, exposing her thoroughly punished bottom clad in her lacy underwear for her boss to see and admire at his leisure. In her position, she was facing the office’s door, and she dreaded nothing more than seeing that door open and someone else see her shame.

He rolled his chair back to the table, by her side and arranged the paper in a neat pile.

“Now, Julia,” he said, “let’s review the papers one more time…”

Bratty Lucy

You should have known, wearing that dress you knew was a little too short, high heels that made your legs go on for days, with your little pout and your cutting remarks all day long. You had not wanted to tell me what panties you were wearing, told me I might see them come the evening, but I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Our usual games… To think I had decided to be nice that day, patient, even, not to take advantage of the tiny, narrow streets and  take you under my arm and let a few hard slaps fall on your tempting behind, not to walk a few steps behind you to innocently slap your derrière as I passed you… I was in a good mood, the sun was shining and we were about to spend a very nice evening… very cuddly, and probably very kinky, if I’d read your signals right. I couldn’t dream better.

However, as the walk we were taking went on, you had become more and more aggressive, harsh, nothing was good enough. You were too hot, your feet hurt, you didn’t want to go through there, or there… Being grumpy happens, but when you started raising your tone in that busy street, I felt my calm drain and disappear. I took your arm, firmly, turning you to face me and my glare.

“Keep your temper in check, Lucy, is that clear?”

It wasn’t enough for you, you tried to get away, even daring to hit me with your purse. “Fine! Let me go!”

No, it wasn’t fine, and starting to sigh loudly and telling me I was “a pain in the ass” and that you “couldn’t say anything” with me… you knew it wouldn’t slide. Passing my hand over your neck, I showed you a bench, in the shade, nearby.

“I’m warning you, miss, you calm down right this instant or you’re going to get that public spanking you’ve been dreaming of; right there, right now.”

Oh it didn’t calm you down, if anything, it made you even more bold. You rolled your eyes, nearly laughing out loud.

“You would never dare, you’re all talk anyway…” You were mocking, bordering on insulting… People were looking at us, staring, and you kept your capricious little girl attitude.

“Okay, that does it.” Holding your arm, I dragged you to that bench. You were a little less boastful and proud, undoubtedly, but you kept on getting smart with me.

“Pfff, okay, stop, you had your alpha male moment, I got it…” you groaned. I said nothing, slowly dragging you towards that blue-grey metal bench. The closer we got to it, the more you were twisting and turning, trying to free your arm.

“Okay… I got it… Stop… Please…” Your face was reddening (although you weren’t wearing any blush that day, as far as I know), and you turned your head, seeing all the passers-by looking at us, intrigued. Your voice became a little more tearful, a little more pleading.

“Please… Hon… I… You will do everything you want when we’re home, okay? I’m sorry. I’ll be good… Please, there are way too many people….” I still said nothing, shaking my head ; then, taking a deep breath, I turned around and fixed your big blue eyes that were now shimmering with barely contained tears.

“You should have thought of that before, young lady. You should have thought of that before you acted like a little brat all evening, you should have thought of that before being insolent. You should have thought of that before doubting me. You thought I wouldn’t do it? You don’t know me at all, in the end. I’m disappointed. Very disappointed, even… But you already knew that, didn’t you?” I got closer to your face, pressing your arm a little more, “Didn’t you?”

Choking on tears, you stammered a “Y… Yes”

“Yes who?”

“Yes Master… Please…”

But it was too late; you should have known. I don’t know what went through your head as I sat on that bench, still holding you firmly, and when I got you over my knees. Maybe you regretted the shortness of that dress, which let nothing to imagination in that position; or maybe you though that in the end, wearing panties would have been a good idea. You uttered some other “No.. No…”, hiding your face with your free hand, trying not to see the passers-by gasping, mothers hurrying their kids away, the latter fascinated by and pointing at this lady about to be spanked like a misbehaving child.

Given the situation, I didn’t want to waste any time, and my hand immediately went down on your barely covered bottom. The dry sound of slaps caught the attention of the last people who hadn’t noticed the commotion. A dozen of slaps on each cheek, each one stronger than the next, dry and hard. You were already clenching your teeth.


“That’s funny, I can’t hear you anymore?” I was probably red in the face as well by then, but I didn’t care, and I continued spanking you with abandon while you were wriggling, horrified and barely containing your little cries. Nobody dared approaching or even say anything, instead nudging others, pointing fingers, commenting. And that’s when you made your gravest mistake. As I was thinking you had learnt your lesson and I was going to get you up again and quickly run away, you couldn’t help yourself:

“Okay, you got what you wanted! Now let me go!” Oh, that tone, still with that rebel attitude. No, you still hadn’t learnt.

“Oh, that’s how it is then? Very well…” the menace wasn’t that clear, and still I think you understood it straight away. Without even having seen them, I can imagine your eyes widening when I grabbed the bottom of your dress and lifted it in one swoop, unveiling your round cheeks that were obviously red under your tensed black tights. It  even drew a little “Oooh” from the crowd that, all things considered, was slow to disperse, no doubt captivated by the spectacle.

“No, no, stop! Stop, I beg you… I beg you, Master… I…” But it was too late. Way too late, and your tights immediately found themselves lowered further than you reddened globes, erasing the little dignity you had left under the eyes of the passers-by, and mine that were full or ire and desire. I think I’ll always remember the noise, the echo of that first slap on your naked buttocks, in that tree’s shade, down that street. A dry noise, almost metallic, and the sound of your little moan of pain and shame. To these sound I added a lot more, full-handed slaps that made your already red ass bounce, moans, your legs kicking, your hand trying in vain to cover the object of all my attentions.

Forgotten, your pride: you did nothing but apologise, beg, plead. You wouldn’t do it anymore, you would be good, you were sorry, you were asking me for forgiveness, you would do what I wanted, you would never be insolent again. And your bottom was getting all the more red under the stupefied look of the mesmerised audience. You could feel, lying over my knees, how much it excited me, and from what I knew, in spite of the shame and humiliation (or maybe because of them), it didn’t leave you cold either. A few minutes and dozens of slaps later, I finally stopped and got my head closer to yours.

“So tell me, Lucy, do you understand now?”

Your head bowed, you muttered something, choking on tears still. My hand fell once more on your poor bottom. You moaned.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t hear you?”

“Yes… I understand… I will behave… I’m sorry….” This time, there was a lot more sincerity to your voice, a lot less bravado.

“Now, do you want to say something to the audience?”

“No… Pl… Please,” you murmured, I’ve really learned my lesson… Master…”

I nodded, my cheeks on fire, and quickly pulled your tights back up, admiring the results of my hard work one last time.

“Get up, we’re going home… And I’m warning your, Lucy, I’m not done with you…”

Keeping your head bowed, you got up in a hurry and put your dress back down, glancing at the bulge clearly deforming my jeans.

“Yes, sir… We have all night… Can… Can we go, please?” You were biting your lip, not daring to look up, at me or at anyone.

I got up and couldn’t help but give a little bow, then took you by the hand and quickly made for a little side-street, towards the hotel and a night that, just as planned, looked like it would be a very nice one indeed.

Claire’s training

“S… Stop…” Claire panted, her face red with exhaustion. She bent over, putting her hands on her knees, and tried to calm her breathing.

The other woman turned around and came to her, still jogging. “What, now?”

“I… I just can’t go on!” she said, still catching her breath.

“Are you kidding? It hasn’t been half a mile yet!” the other woman frowned.

Claire kept looking down, biting her lips, tears forming already.

“No…” she said timidly, “I just can’t… I’m not fit at all, you know that.”

“Yes, I know, that’s why you hired me, Claire,” the personal trainer said, “I explained to you how we would proceed, yes?”


“You want to fit in your wedding dress, correct?”

“Yes… I do…”

“How much longer do you have?”

“F-Five weeks,” she stuttered.

“Five weeks,” the trainer repeated, “Do you think you’ll reach your goal in five weeks if you abandon after 600 yards?”

“But I can’t breathe! I’m exhausted already… I’ve tried, right? I’ll do better tomorrow.. I’m just a little tired, it’s early and—

“I don’t want to hear it,” the other woman snapped, and Claire was silenced immediately, “Again, we agreed on how things would go, Claire.”

She used her name as if she were admonishing a misbehaving little girl, and she felt shameful at the idea. She straightened up, her breathing a little calmer now. The blush on her round cheeks hadn’t receded, quite the contrary.

The trainer spoke again, “I guarantee you will fit in that dress in five weeks, but for that to happen, we’ll have to do things my way.” She pointed at a nearby bench. “Come with me.”

“No!” Claire protested, “You’re not really going to spank me…”

“You agreed to it, didn’t you?”

“No… I mean, yes but…”

“But what, Claire?”


“Do you want to fit in that dress or not?”

“Yes… of course I do…”

The woman took her by the arm and started to walk towards the bench, Claire in tow.

“Please… It’s… it’s right on the road… I… We can do it back home, okay?”

“Oh no, young lady” —there was that condescending tone again— “We’re not done running, we’re continuing right after I’m done here.” Her tone brooked no arguing.

Her eyes full of tears, Claire followed, shamefully. “Please… Somewhere out of the way… Please…”

Rolling her eyes, the trainer got them through a little bush and into a little clearing. It would hardly shield the noise, but at least they were out of view. There weren’t many people jogging at this hour, and even then, the lesson would all the more fruitful if someone happened to discover them.

Claire was sniffling, unable to contain the tears. The mere thought of her, a grown woman, being spanked over someone’s lap… It made her shiver. What an idiot she had been, what kind of trainer threatened to spank her trainees? Why had she accepted that at all? And yet… She really wanted that dream wedding, that beautiful dress, she wanted to do everything right and to look the perfect bride. She knew she should have tried harder.

The stern woman sat on a low branch, still holding Claire by the arm. She unceremoniously pulled the curvy young woman over her lap and started spanking her round, bouncy bottom over her tracksuits. The sound disturbed a couple of birds that flew away in a flutter. She kept on slamming her hand on Claire’s bottom, faster, harder, drawing out little cries of pain and shame.

Not daring to speak up, the young woman tried to keep her lips sealed. The noise was bad enough, her bottom was burning already. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She finally let out a sigh of relief when the trainer stopped spanking her.

“I..” she started, then felt the woman’s hand on the belt of the trousers, grabbing them and pulling them down. “No no no no no…!” she pleaded in a tearful voice, “Don’t! Please! I’ll run! I’ll do everything you tell me to do; I…”

Her white, unflattering panties came down next, and she felt the cool morning air on her bottom and thighs. She broke down in sobs as the slaps rained down again, harder than before, on her sit spots, down her thighs, covering her large behind in red handprints. She begged with every breath, biting her lips, sniffling, crying.


After what felt like an eternity, the woman relented and ordered her up.

“Now,” she said in a more gentle tone, “we’re going to take it slow and we’ll go to the end of the planned run, all right?”

Claire nodded quickly, pulling her panties and trousers back up, too ashamed to speak. The woman thumbed a few tears away. “It’s always hardest the first day,” she said with a little smile.

“Yes ma’am,” Claire said in a tiny voice, rubbing her burning bottom.

As they came out of the bushes, the young woman still wiping tears off her cheeks, a jogger ran by with a wave.

“Hey Katia,” he said with a grin, “New client, huh?” Running on, he winked at a mortified Claire. She could feel the warmth in her derrière and pouted. No way she would be punished again, she firmly decided.

In fact, she was, but it was all worth it when, five weeks later, she stood resplendent before the priest and finally said “Yes”.

The maid

He had a little smile on his lips as he pounded her firm, round bottom with hard slaps. The constant rhythm of the spanking, her bouncy cheeks before his eyes, her little murmured moans, the silky panties under her old-fashion working outfit… He loved it all. The little, slender maid had only been working in the house for a few months, and already she had been dragged over his lap half a dozen times.

The vase she had broken this time was of no importance, really, it had been tacky and would easily be replaced. Nonetheless, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her wiggle under his punitive attentions again. he wondered if she had done it on purpose. Did she enjoy it as much as he did ?

As he kept spanking her, her bottom turning a pale pink, then a darker red, then a bright crimson as he kept pouring spank after hard spank over it, he wondered still, not daring to ask.


With a final hard slap, he told her to get up and go stand in the corner of the room, by the wide window. He sat on the bed, admiring her round apple bottom, the bright colour of it, the marks he had left on it. Still he wondered. He got up and came closer, hesitantly, picking up another vase form a nearby buffet.

“I would have to punish you even harder if anything happened to this one,” he said, handing it to her. She got her hands off the top of her head and took it delicately. The maid looked him in the eyes, tears drying on her cheeks, leaving black mascara marks.

She let the vase go.