The Spank-City Tribune – 9

A big one, this time! So big it’s a two-parter!

You can read past issues here: issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue 4, issue 5, issue 6, issue 7, and issue 8!

And the illustrations, as always:

2 thoughts on “The Spank-City Tribune – 9”

  1. Hmmm. Ms. Adelaide Kalidwen gets her very first spanking? Totally nude? Chained up and flogged? My, my. Poor girl to be so humiliated before witnesses. It is very noticeable that Elle enjoyed her whipping however. Those pouty pink lips just begging for an agile tongue and nimble fingers. Ms. Kalidwen is more coy. She clearly needs some more encouragement of the spanking kind in order to reveal her charms to all and sundry. Perhaps a session over the barrel would do her good. 😉


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