8 thoughts on “Satisfaction…”

  1. This picture kind of brought this to mind – Jo, bratty poet, writing in the “aftermath” about her favourite place – her beloved’s lap…

    The custody of redness

    So I lie here in the aftermath of you,
    clutching my warm,
    sore prize –

    still red,
    like the glow
    in the mirror.

    Not that I needed to check.

    I’m always the far side of pink,
    coming home from you,
    from that special
    stinging place
    where I come alive,

    and fade away,
    all at once.

    It’s nearly an hour since you burned me away

    to that floataway skyline,
    over your knee.

    But part of me will always be
    waiting back there,
    bathed in the custody of your lap,
    where no spanking
    will ever leave me unblessed.

    Part of me still aches
    for another dose of wasp-sting fingers
    and fireball palm,
    crashing down across a soft cotton seat…

    or the plump cheeks underneath.

    I’m rubbing,
    I’m throbbing
    and I’m free.

    I’m stretching and wincing,
    clutching and howling,
    burning and turning…

    and I am free.

    I’m a red-faced bottom from the stars,
    burning a sunset through towelling shorts,

    remembering the treasure of your knee.

    I am grateful for the colours

    I am grateful for the night.

    The sun goes down
    between my whining and my sighs.

    I am grateful for the redness,
    for the

    My bottom is a filament,
    a glow,
    tight-knit in softness
    and torch-tanned cheeks…

    and I am free.

    I am the naughtiest, sorryest girl in my world,
    and I’m free…

    because you spanked the sorryness
    all out of me,
    painting my ouchie-clouds all the way home.

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