We were having a conversation about M/F spankings in other parts, so here we go!

Though I personally prefer F/F scenarios, I do try to keep some variety around here ^^

Had fun colouring that bottom, too 😁

Anyway, tell me what you’d like to see in the future!

8 thoughts on “Rent”

  1. Collecting the rent was never so much fun… until she moved in! And as to preference? The advantage of being a Switch is… you can’t create one I wouldn’t enjoy! Though it is hard to beat a good old fashioned ‘romantic’ spanking.

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  2. Oui tu aurais pu. Mais bon… tu es un homme, on ne peut pas trop en demander :). D’ailleurs, pour compléter mon com, tu peux essayer un récit F/M aussi, ça pourrait être intéressant ^^

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  3. Would like to see a spanking group at a private beach or park, in someone home, or the woods where everyone gets the opportunity to give and receive a good spanking with well marked naked red bottom


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