Elven Kingdom Academy

Hey there people, long time no see! Les franchouillard(e)s, regardez un peu plus bas (en gras)

I haven’t been idle all this time; in fact, I was working on a game! And chapter one is now finished, yay!

You can find it on itch.io !

Here is a description:

Dark times are coming to the Elven Kingdom of Queen Elanil…

Play through a kinky adventure featuring lots of elves getting soundly spanked! Explore the Royal Palace, brave the Dark Forest and its newly-awoken monsters.

Discover the Royal Academy and its secrets, strict teachers and classmates to befriend, romance, and more!

This release contains the prologue and chapter one – the Academy

Chapter 2 coming May 2022!


  • A fantasy adventure full of characters to interact with!
  • Over 50 different spanking scenes
  • Choices that will affect the story
  • Monster to fight, secrets to unfold!
  • A developing story!
  • Gallery with over 100 pictures to unlock! 
  • Achievements and high scores
  • English and French version

This release contains the prologue and chapter one — it’s free! See the rewards if you want to support ^^

Pour les francophones, le jeu a une version française! Vous pouvez changer la langue dans les préférences. La traduction a sans doutes quelques problèmes par-ci par là (de genre, surtout, vu que le fichier de trad’ ne donne pas de contexte), mais elle sera mise à jour si je trouve quoi que ce soit ^^

And a few pictures


Apologies, it seems the most recent pictures were not configured properly and wouldn’t blow up to full size when clicked upon! It should all be fixed now but don’t hesitate to tell me if you can’t read the text or see some pics!

As always, I hope you and your loved ones are safe ❤


I tend not to get political on here, and I won’t tell my American friends and visitors who to vote for. It’s your country, not mine. 

What I will say, though, is that with civil rights come duties, the primary of which is simply to vote. A democracy can only be a healthy one if people actually vote. So vote, people. Or else! 

Please do not make political comments about the election or either candidate below, I have no interest in housing a debate here, I think there are places far better suited to it all around the internet. And mostly, at this point, I think people have made their mind, one way or another. One thing about this election is that the choices are so diametrically opposed that I can’t imagine people being on the fence.

In any case, if you haven’t yet, please vote! Have your voice heard!

As always, I love you all!

And here’s a version without the text ^^

A word

Hi everyone! Just a quick word to thank you all for coming by! The blog has now more than a 100 posts, and although it took a while to get there (my bad!), It feels like somewhat of an achievement 🙂

So thank you for your visits, your likes and your comments, they mean a lot to me. I hope you found something to enjoy (babysitter and secretary stories seem popular ^^), and that you’ll come back for more in the future!

Stay safe, wash your hands, and all that jazz… Or else! 😉


And so it begins

This has been in the back of my head for a long time ; I needed a place to put writings and drawings, things that I’ve kept to myself for a long time about that interest of mine (ours?). You see, the problem with burning passions is that they can consume you if you let them simmer for too long.

Spanking, then… Pleasure and pain mixed together, fulfillment and humiliation, love and fear. It’s all in the duality, isn’t it? That dichotomy between dominant and submissive, master and pet, spanker and spankee… I find it fascinating.

Why, indeed, give yourself completely to someone. Can you really trust someone so fully that you would let them do anything they please with you? It turns out you can. On the other hand, can one be so sure of their righteousness that they can pretend to make the best decisions for every aspect not only of their own life but that of their care?


It takes work, incommensurate amounts of trust, from both parties. I fully believe that that submissive holds and immense power in that kind of relationship. A master craves control and trust ; pain, oftentimes, is secondary. But the moment the submissive is pushed too far, he or she can —and should— have the last word, that fateful “No” that will end it all.

And there lies the line that any dominant can’t cross. The apex of control might sometimes dangerously flirt with that limit. How much can one lose oneself? How far does trust run? How much pain can one take before breaking?

The art of a good relationship —and that of a good spanking— is all in the balance. It can’t be all punishment with no reward, it can’t be tight control without bursts of freedom, it can’t be bruises and welts without comfort and hugs. A hard balance to find sometimes, but a necessary one.

Like so, this blog. Pictures and texts, a few personal words. I doubt that many people will find this place, but I hope some of you will enjoy it. I know that for it to thrive it will need regular updates, regular attention and care.

Can I do it? Should I sign this contract? In all honesty, I’m fearful I won’t be able to uphold it. But then, without a little fear, where’s the pleasure?