A Tropical Vacation

“NeuNunDNeUnZig LuFtBaLlons!…”

The shrill voice of an intoxicated Belinda Krüger blared through the bar’s speakers. After the pandemic had ended, the young German blonde had decided that she needed a vacation, and what better vacation than a paradise island, white sandy beaches and happy hour cocktail nights?

She’d packed her bag, mostly bikinis and beach towels, all in the colours of the German flag. She found that it was always a great conversation starter when she was abroad, and she liked meeting new people… even though it often ended up with her bottom a burning, bright red. She didn’t really know why, but it was the way these things went. Thinking about it, she had also packed a few bottles of lotion, just in case…

That night, much to her delight, was Karaoke night at the bar she had found herself frequenting. The place was nice, the drinks cheap and well mixed. There was a stage where concerts, lectures, improv had happened before, and where the singers were that night. Well, singer, singular. With most patrons busy drinking and socialising, she was already on her third song. More than a few drinks in, she had started badly, and it wasn’t getting any better.

“Auf iHrEm WeG zUm HoRiZOnt!…”

She continued belting out the words, out of tune and slightly behind on the music. In her drunk ears, it sounded perfect, and she bellowed the lyrics in what she thought was a sultry singer’s voice. More and more patrons were looking at her, frowning. Some were shaking their heads, some wincing and covering their ears. Even the barmen and barmaids were rising an eyebrow. With drunk tourists coming around every Karaoke night, they should have been used to it, but she was particularly bad. Belinda turned around and started wiggling her bikini-clad round buttocks while the song played on, oblivious to the increasingly disapproving crowd.

As she was about to start butchering the third verse, a man got up to her. An athletic, mid-thirties guy, he was only wearing knee-long shorts and sandals, with a lei, a flower garland, covering his muscular chest. Not bad looking, Belinda thought, looking over her shoulder as he came closer. Eastern European, maybe? Maybe Russian? In a heavily accented English, he said:

“I think it’s time you stop!”

Definitely Russian. She ignored him and carried on singing and waggling her derrière enticingly. What was he going to do, huh? She laughed and jumbled the next words in the song.

“Hey! Devochka! I’m talking to you!” the man said, and she made a show of ignoring him. The man banged his glass down on a nearby table and leapt on stage, going for her microphone. She splashed the drink she was holding in his face, and it went all over the flower garland. If she was hoping it would stop him, she was very wrong. With a grunt, he grabbed the microphone in one hand and her arm in the other.

“Oh you like singing, da? I have a song for you!”

Frowning, he dragged a stool over with his foot and sat down, still on stage, bringing her down over his knees in one swift movement. The music was still playing.

Was?” Belinda cried, “What are you doing?! Hör auf! Stop!”

Nyet!” was the only response as his hand came slamming down on her ass, over the German-coloured bikini bottoms. She yelled, in anger, surprise, and in pain. How dare he! He was ruining the song! In her drunken state, she hadn’t registered yet that everybody in the bar had stopped their conversation and were staring at them.

Slap! Slap! Slap!, the man started smacking her bottom to the rhythm of the song. She could see the metronome on screen counting 193 bpm. A few seconds in and her bottom was already burning. AUTSCH! she yelled, “Stop! Mein Popo!”

“Sing, then, little njémka! What are the lyrics again?”, the Russian man laughed, and he mockingly started singing “Ninety nine red bottoms… Spanked in the summer bar!”

The slap continued, and so did the song, “Ninety-nine slaps of the hand… For a very drunk German!”

Somehow, the bad rhyme worked in his accent. Slap! Slap! Slap!, he didn’t miss a beat. She bit her lip not to cry out in pain. Someone from the public yelled:

“Ninety-nine well spanked buttocks… I like my whisky on the rocks!”

The whole bar erupted in laughter, and tears of pain streamed down Belinda’s cheeks. Her drunken haze was clearing out fast, and her bottom burned with pain. Another patron came to the stage and grabbed the microphone:

“Ninety-nine bad girls in town… Let’s pull her bikini down!” he sang with a grin.

More laughter, and the microphone got passed around as the Russian man grabbed her bikini bottoms and pulled them down to her thighs. “Nein! Nein! Das kannst du nicht machen! You can’t!” Belinda yelled, and tried to get them back up, or at least cover herself, but there was nothing she could do and the slaps fell harder on her naked cheeks. Crimson as they were, they were only getting redder by the minute. More people joined in the song:

“Ninety-nine smacks, that’s quite rough… But I don’t think she’s had enough!”

Laughs and appreciative whistling, more hard slaps on her bottom. People were holding their phone up, filming the whole thing. Someone pushed a button on the Karaoke machine and the song started playing again from the start. “Ach du großer Gott!”, Belinda moaned.

“Ninety-nine hard slaps and more… I think she needs an encore!” sang a woman. Slaps hit Belinda’s thighs and made her cry out. She kicked her legs, but it only made her round cheeks wiggle more, much to the delight of the audience. There were cheers and laughs as they bounced and wobbled with each slap, the noise blending with the music.

“Ninety-nine slaps on her butt… That’ll teach that German slut!” sang a young local that she had been flirting with earlier. Again and again, the Russian man’s big hands fell down on her ass. It would be bruised for days, she thought! And she only had bikinis to wear… Even if she went to a different part of the island, there would be no way to hide her shame… And with the videos being filmed, or even livestreamed, even people at home might see… “Ach, scheiße…”, she murmured…

“Ninety-nine smacks on her ass… Serves her well, that cheeky lass!” said an Irishman next, and on and on it went, people having the time of their life while her bottom was thoroughly punished, and her dignity reduced to nothing.

After the song was played a third time, she was sobbing and begging, and the Russian man took pity on her at last. But her ordeal was far from over. Lifting her up, he made her stand on stage, her hands over her head while people came up to take pictures and selfies next to her glowing red bottom. When the bar finally closed , she pulled her bikini bottoms up and ran into the night and to her hotel. Once in her room, she was glad to have packed lotion. Once more, she would have to sleep on her belly. And in her head, she could still hear the song…

Denkst du vielleicht grad an mich?
Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich


Sortant de la douche, elle prend une serviette et la passe doucement autour de sa taille. Le tissu frôle sa peau et elle frissonne, gémit à voix basse. Elle soupire. La douche froide n’a pas fait grand chose pour calmer la douleur des bleus sur ses fesses. Il y a été un peu fort…

Elle se tourne et relève la serviette pour jeter un oeil à sa croupe devant le grand miroir au mur. Aïe… Son pauvre petit cul… C’est pas possible d’avoir la main lourde comme ça… Oui, elle a encore oublié les factures, oui, elle a été un peu malpolie («Rhoo, tu vas pas m’emmerder avec ça…» si elle se souvient bien…), oui, elle a continué même quand il l’a prise sur ses genoux et commencé à la fesser («Oh non, p’tain !»). Oui, bon, elle était de mauvaise humeur, d’abord, et elle voulait qu’il continue un peu plus fort, un peu plus longtemps, ensuite.

Mais de là à aller chercher la brosse et de défaire sa ceinture ? Franchement…

Hésitante, elle tâte sa tendre chair. Aïe. La couleur est moins pivoine qu’avant la douche, mais elle est loin de son habituelle blancheur hivernale. Et puis les marques… Ça va rester un moment ça. Bon, elle n’avait pas prévu de sortir en bikini, heureusement. D’un doigt incertain, elle touche un des bleus, et immédiatement serre les fesses et gémit. AÏE.

«Julie ?» fait une voix derrière la porte de la salle de bains.

«Oui ?

—T’as bientôt fini ?

—Rho, ça va… Il est chiant aujourd’hui…

—Pardon ?»

Ah zut! Il n’a pas entendu, quand même ? Non… Il a plein de qualités, Thomas. mais c’est pas Superman, non plus…

«Presque, mon cœur !»

Mais déjà, la porte s’ouvre. Et il a déjà la ceinture à la main. Elle plisse les lèvres et pense: «Oh m…»


Her bottom hurt. It burned, it throbbed, and she didn’t dare look at it. She could imagine how bright red it was, and her Mistress’ handprints all over it. She moaned as she felt a hand grabbing her tender butt-cheek.

“Are we starting to learn, Nelly?” said a calm, sensual voice. The hand squeezed.

“Y-Yes, Mistress…” Nelly answered.

“You disappointed me…” the voice said again, and a hard slap landed on her burning ass.

She yelped and more tears streamed down her face. “I’m sorry!” she sobbed

“I’m sorry Mistress” came the reply, two more slaps punctuating it.

“Yes! Yes! Mistress! I’m sorry, M-Mistress! I’m sorry, Mistress!”

Nelly was standing up, her hands against the wall. Her little summer dress had been pulled up and rested on her hips, with her simple white panties down to her knees. Her legs trembled and for a second, she considered begging her Mistress to stop. She knew better, and she buried the idea as fresh pain exploded in her rear. Her Mistress was disappointed. Not mad, disappointed. Her Mistress never got mad, and she loved her for it. But she had high expectation, and Nelly knew she was far from perfect. Far from good, even.

More slaps. More pain. More tears. Sobs, moans, yelps, and the sweet voice of her Mistress scolding her. It felt right. It was right. It was what she deserved.

“You had one simple task today, Nelly…”

“Yes, Mistress…”

“And you didn’t even start on it…”

“I’m sorry, Mistress…”

“How do you think it’s making me feel, Nelly?”

“I… S-sad, Mistress? Disappointed in your little slut?”

“Never again, you hear me?”

“Never, Mistress…”

The longer it went on, the better she felt. She would do it. She would make her Mistress proud. Her bottom hurt. It burned, it throbbed, and she didn’t dare look at it, but she didn’t care. The only thing that was really painful was the disappointment in her Mistress’ eyes.


Elle le regarde et soupire. Il a l’air si calme quand il dort.

Elle, elle ne dort pas très bien en ce moment. Elle a besoin d’un câlin, mais elle ne veut pas le déranger. Il marmonne quelque chose dans son sommeil ; ça sonne comme un «je t’aime, Julie» et ça la fait sourire. Enfin, ça sonnait comme un «bletem brulimgh», mais elle choisit de croire. La foi, c’est important. Elle soupire de nouveau. Bon, il y a un choix, une alternative : elle peut le laisser dormir, calme, en paix… Ou elle peut le réveiller et avoir de l’attention. Décisions, décisions…

En général, elle est gentille, elle est respectueuse, elle est trèèès sage. Mais là, elle a vraiment besoin d’un câlin. Et puis. il est 5h du matin, c’est pas si tôt ; il y a plein de gens qui se lèvent à 5h, non ? Elle se mordille la lèvre. Ah bah, une preuve de plus qu’elle est stressée ; ça vaut bien un câlin, c’est sûr ! P’têt même deux.

Mais elle hésite. Lui, il est un peu ours. Le poil, certainement, mais aussi la tendance à hiberner. Le sommeil, chez lui, c’est sacré. D’ailleurs, il abuse, et elle le lui dira, un jour. Huit heures par nuit, pfff… Et elle, alors, elle a le droit à huit heures d’attention ? C’est pas juste, voilà. Manquerait plus qu’il soit en train de rêver d’une autre femme. Ah, le salaud ! Elle souffle. Bon, le problème, c’est que si elle le réveille… il va être grognon. Il va être grognon et ronchon. Et ça, c’est pas une bonne combinaison.

Elle va se retrouver en travers de ses genoux, c’est sûr… La chemise de nuit (glamour suprême) retroussée, la petite culotte (coton, à poix, elle fait fort) baissée à mi-cuisses… Ce serait dommage… Elle la sent déjà, sa main qui s’abat sur ses pauvres fesses… La douleur, les petits gémissements… Elle ne peut pas s’empêcher, c’est réflexe ! D’ailleurs. rien que d’y penser… Ça aussi, c’est réflexe… Sa main se perd sous la couette. Enfin, façon de parler, elle sait exactement où elle va, sa main. Comme quoi, les mains…

Elle gémit, doucement, mais pas de douleur. Il s’agite dans son sommeil. Pff, il pense à qui, hein? Laurène? Carole ? Ah, le salaud… Elle, elle ne pense qu’à lui, qu’à ses mais qui la maintiennent en place, qui la punissent, qui la caressent, la cajolent… Sa respiration se fait haletante, elle frissonne et ferme les yeux. Elle imagine sa tête se perdant dans son cou, ses baisers sur sa nuque, ses mains qui la caressent, la bouche qui l’explore, sa peau contre la sienne…

«Julie ?»

Elle ouvre les yeux grand, surprise. Sa main se fige. Elle retient sa respiration quelques secondes. Il va se rendormir.

«Julie, tout va bien ?

—Oui, oui, mon coeur, rendors-toi

—Il est quelle heure ?

—Tôt, rendors-toi

—T’es sure?


—Tu veux pas un câlin ?

—Oh bah, si t’insistes…»

Comme quoi, certains jours commencent mieux que d’autres.

Kept in line

“Please…” she whined to no effect, “Please, no more…”

Her crimson buttocks felt like they were pulsating, sending waves of rich, hot pain up her spine with each of her shallow breaths. She swallowed and pleaded again, hearing no response. She didn’t dare look back, but she knew that the paddle was high in the air, just about to come dow—

“Oww!” she yelped as the hard wood connected with her bruised flesh once more. Tears streamed down her face, dripping over the desk. Her boss’ desk. He was mad. he was more than mad; he was furious. She had messed up. Again.

“OWW!” she cried, louder, another hard swat landing on her tender, plump bottom. For a few seconds, the pain became her whole world; it was all that she could think of. Then, it receded, leaving her ass burning, her legs trembling… and her panties wet.

She didn’t argue, because she knew that it was futile. When he had called her in his office, there had been no ambiguity as to her fate. She had walked in expecting to be punished, and she knew that she deserved it. She had closed the door behind her, and started to undress without a word. She had been through it a few times already.

It had started with a playful joke one day, about how she had messed up with a client. Her boss had been understanding, but she had carried on telling him how bad she felt, how guilty. He had brushed it off at first, until she had said these fateful words, as a jest: “Sometimes I wish I could get spanked again!”

He had raised an eyebrow, and she had let a little embarrassed laugh out.

“What do you mean, Caroline?” he’d asked, softly. She had instantly turned into a stuttering mess, cheeks as red as a ripe tomato.

“I… Hum… My mother, she… She used to spank me, you know? And, well, it wasn’t pleasant, but at least I didn’t feel the guilt anymore afterwards.”

“I see…” he had simply answered. He had kept his eyes on her, and she had carried on. She wasn’t sure why she had kept talking then, but the words had just kept spilling from her mouth.

“It’s… It’s like, cathartic, the punishment, the… pain… It takes the guilt away. Well, it did then…”

He had nodded. She had stared at the floor. She couldn’t look at him.

“And so… Caroline…”

“Yes sir?”

“You think a spanking would help you do a better job with the next client?”

Her eyes had widened. That little off-hand joke hadn’t seemed like a joke anymore. It had seemed very, very real. That day, she had received her first proper spanking as an adult, right there over her boss’ lap. As she had been quietly weeping in the corner afterward, he had defined a few rules. First, this was purely disciplinary, he was faithful to his wife, thank you very much. As such, she would get to keep her panties. She thought it a little odd, and a little hypocritical, but was in no position to argue ethics.

Second, any further punishment would increase in severity, going from hand-spankings to hairbrushes, paddles, the cane… She had shivered. And for a time, it had kept her on the straight and narrow. Then mistakes had happened. She had been late finishing a report. She had overslept and missed an early appointment. Paperwork got filed in the wrong place…

True to his word, he had summoned her in his office each time, and each time, the punishment had been more severe. And as much as she dreaded it, she knew she needed it, the discipline, the atonement. She needed it and desired it. Not enough to make her make mistakes on purpose, no! But she loved how it pushed her to do better. And indeed, after each session, she knew that her work got better. For a time, she was a model employee, employee of the month even! And then the slip started again. A little longer each time, knowing that the punishment would get harsher, but it always happened.

And so, as the paddle slammed into her ass once more, leaving a deep red mark, she cried her shame out and let the guilt leave her. The hard wood fell again, making her yell. No walls were thick enough to keep people from hearing, she was sure of it. Her panties were drenched —so much for keeping it modest— and she was heaving, sobbing, sniffling between each hard slap.

She knew she would be forgiven but— OWW!

She knew she deserved it and— OOWW!!

She knew she would be better, she would— OWW!!

She clenched her buttocks, knowing full well it would do nothing. She could feel the bruises coming, she imagined the marks. She bit her lip, waiting for the next one.

Nothing came.

“Get up, Caroline,” he boss said.

In her heels and underwear, she made her way to the corner, knowing what was expected of her. She would stay put while he fixed her mistake, her fingers interlocked above her head. No more mistakes, she silently vowed, no more screw ups. And for a time, she knew she wouldn’t. She closed her eyes and let the pain radiating from her crimson ass fill her mind.

Plus fort

«Plus fort !

—Comme ça ?»

Elle gémit.

«Plus vite !

—C’est mieux ?»

Elle soupire, contente.


—Plus quoi ?

—Juste plus…

—Ça ne m’aide pas, ça…

—C’est toi le dom, hein…

—Oui enfin là c’est pour te faire plaisir…

—Oui… Hmm… Ah, là c’est bien… Encore…

—Sur les cuisses ?

—Non… Un peu plus haut…. Ah! Oui!…

—Et là ?


—Non ?

—C’est pas pareil…

—Bah oui mais c’est à peine rose, par là.

—Oui bah c’est mon cul, hein ; t’as dit que c’était pour me faire plaisir, pas pour l’esthétique…

—Oui oui…»

Elle souffle et serre les dents. Les claques se font plus dures, plus fortes, plus rapides. Il y va à pleine main, la serrant contre lui. Elle a le feu aux joues comme aux fesses, et elle sent ses larmes perler au coin des yeux. La chaleur se propage, radiant de ses fesses vers son ventre, ses cuisses, son bas-ventre. Elle gémit encore, halète et se cambre en rythme avec la délicieuse musique de sa main sur sa chair.

«Encore !

—J’ai pas arrêté…

—Ben n’arrête pas…

—J’en avais pas l’intention…


—Quoi ?

—Tais-toi… Et frappe…

—Non mais…


—Je suis pas un boucher, non plus…

—Oh s’il te plait…

—Je fais dans la finesse, moi…»

Elle pouffe. Avec ses mains de brute et son air d’ours mal léché, ça se saurait… Cela dit, il sait toujours exactement comment la rendre folle… De lui, de ses mains, de ce qu’il lui fait… Il en joue, en profite… Au moins autant qu’elle, vraiment. Le seul problème, c’est que quand il n’est pas fâché, il se retient. Il est mignon…

«Thomas ?

—Oui ?

—Deux choses…

—Oui ?

—Je t’aime.

—Moi auss-

—Mais plus fort, d’accord ?…»