Scotland the Brave(heart)

Happy Saint Andrew’s day! Have an Irn-Bru on me, lads and lasses! Or, you know, something stronger! When this whole Covid thingamabob is over, I’m looking forward to visiting you again ❤

Family business

The girl’s screams echo across the large, mostly empty room, a perfect counterpoint to the rhythmic, sharp noise of the slaps raining down on her ass. Again and again, her tormentor’s hand falls, delivering heavy slaps that make the girl’s tender bottom wobble and redden a little more with each blow.

Once more, she begs, begs for mercy, begs for it to stop, begs, wails and promises. It will never happen again, she cries; she has learnt her lesson, she swears; there is no need to continue, she pleads.

Time and time again, her pleas fall on deaf ears, or on ears that don’t care for her empty promises, at least. Without pausing her spanking, the stern disciplinarian says, “I’ve heard all of this before, Ella. And not just once…”

Only a wail answers. More slaps, more cries.

“I’ve warned you,” the spanker continues, “I’ve told you what would happen.”

Only sobs answer back. She carries on, matter-of-factly, “And yet you chose to take my car… Again…”

“But…” Ella manages between two sobs

“But nothing, young lady!” the other woman snaps, punctuating it with a nasty slap down between Ella’s legs. The young, curly girl howls in pain. Her skirt up, panties dangling off her leg, there is nothing to cover her bottom, or her dignity. Nothing to protect her from the wrathful slaps either.

Her mother continues, “You took the car; you took it and you got caught speeding… Again…”

The heavy palmfuls continue to rain down.

“I’m sorry muuuum!” Ella whimpers, “Please, mummy…”

The begging, as before, does nothing to attenuate the regular explosions of pain in her backside.

“You thought I wouldn’t find out, huh? Whose name is on the ticket, do you think? Who’s got to pay a fine?”

“Mum, please!” she wails.

“Wait until your father comes home…” her mother says, menacingly. Ella doesn’t think it could get any worse, but she knows better than to answer. Her father, whilst strict, usually softens up when she cries and sobs. Her mother… not so much.

As if to prove her right, a series of hard slaps come down on Ella’s thighs, making her kick her legs in agony.

“All of that for what, huh?” her mum asks.


“To impress your boyfriend? Is it?”

“Mum, pleaaaase! Pleeease stoooooop!”

“Is that what this is, Lucas? Are you impressed right now?” the mother says, turning her head to the right.

Sat on the sofa, straight in front of Ella’s spread legs and exposed intimacy, Lucas shakes his head, not daring to say a word. Eyes open wide, his blushing cheeks are almost as red as Ella’s bottom. His mind is racing, his cock as hard as it’s ever been, painful against his tight jeans.

To be honest, he doesn’t know what turns him on more, Ella’s crimson ass and shamefully dripping pussy, or her stern, dominatrix of a mother.

The Dance – part one

‘WHERE IS SHE?’ Cindy roared as she entered the communal area of her college dorm, ‘Where is that fat German slut?’

Her friend, Abi, came to her, puzzled. ‘Cind,’ she said, ‘what are you talking about?’

‘The German brat! yelled Cindy, ‘That girl that joined at the start of the year!’

‘You mean Susanna?’, asked Abi.

‘Yes! That kraut slut!’

‘Hum, I think she’s in the study ro—’

Cindy was already running towards the room. She all but kicked the door and stared at Susanna, who had nearly jumped out of her chair, her book falling down to the floor.

‘There you are!’ said Cindy, triumphally. She planted her hands on her hips.

‘J-ja? Here I am? W-why?’ said the plump German student, readjusting her glasses on her nose.

Cindy crossed her arms. ‘You fat slut, you know why!’

Susanna looked more puzzled than ever. ‘W-what? How am I a… a s-slut?’ she mumbled.

‘Well it’s obvious! With your big tits always showing and your nerdy glasses, I’ve seen how you strut around! I bet you’ve been giving all the boys BJs in the toilets as well. That’s it, isn’t it? Is that your big fantasy? Coming abroad and fucking as many men as you can?’

‘Was? Nein! No! I never did any of this!’ said the German, blushing hard.

‘Yes you did! There’s no way Brad would go to the Dance with you otherwise!’

‘I… I… He just asked me if I wanted to go with him, und-and… I said I would, that’s it!’

‘Well Brad is not going to go with you, you disgusting pervert!’ yelled Cindy, ‘He’s gonna go with me.’ She closed the study-room’s door and continued, ‘And I’m gonna show you how we deal we German sluts around here…’

Rounding on Susanna, she grabbed her hair and forced her up. The exchange student yelped and Cindy took her place down on the chair, then pulled harder on her victim’s hair and forced her to lie over her knees.

‘Nein! What are you doing?!’ cried Susanna, finding herself very vulnerable all of a sudden, her bottom up in the air over the crazy blond girl’s lap. She had seen her lot of hazing and mean pranks since arriving from her homeland but that seemed entirely different.

Cindy’s hand fell down on her rump with a loud noise that made Susanna jump. A split second later, she registered the pain and whimpered. ‘Nein! No!’ Cindy didn’t let up, and spank after hard spank fell down on the German’s bottom, making them bounce and burn even through the jeans she was wearing. All the while, Cindy was scolding her, yelling invectives and accusing her of a whole spectrum of inappropriate acts. Tears welled up in Susanna’s eyes, and rolled down her cheeks as she tried to explain that she had never, would never do such things. Her English, ordinarily virtually flawless, was unravelling, and she found herself using more and more German as she sobbed.

After what felt like an eternity, Cindy forced her up again and grabbed Susanna’s jeans and started to undo the button. Stunned, Susanna barely resisted, rubbing her bottom and sniffling hard. ‘Bitte… Please, C-Cindy… Please… I… You can go mit Brad, I don’t mind. Es… Es tut mir leid… I’m sorry…’

Cindy sneered, ‘Least you can do is speak English, you stupid cow!’

‘I’m sorry!’ cried Susanna, feeling Cindy pulling her trousers and panties down to her mid-thighs. She didn’t even know what as happening anymore. All she knew is that her ass was on fire, and that she wanted to be back home, were people weren’t crazy. Cindy pulled her hair again and she found herself on the blond girl’s lap once more, her bottom naked and throbbing with pain.

The slaps came as she knew they would, hard, fast, utterly humiliating. She couldn’t stop the tears, she could barely articulate little ‘Neins’ in between all the sobs and sniffles. Thankfully, Cindy had stopped yelling, instead focusing on inflicting as much pain as possible to her victim, it seemed.

After a few more interminable minutes, the door of the study room opened, and she heard a gasp. Looking up, she saw one of the other girls —Abi, she thought— a horrified look on her face.

‘Cindy, what the fuck?’ the other girl said, ‘Stop it!’

‘It’s all that brat deserves,’ Cindy said with a merciless grin, and she slapped Susanna’s ample bottom once more, making it wobble while the girl cried out.

‘Stop it! You’re gonna get in trouble!’ Abi pleaded.

‘She won’t say anything, will you, Slut-anna?’

‘N-no, ma’am…’ the German girl managed between sobs.

‘See?’ Cindy said, still grinning.

‘Come on…’ Abi said.

Rolling her eyes, Cindy pushed Susanna off her lap and left with her friend, leaving the German girl sobbing on the floor and rubbing her burning hot bottom. They were all crazy, she decided, all of them. Should she tell Brad? The tall, muscular boy had seemed really nice, but it might have been a prank as well. She was lost. Truly, there was no place like home.

A bet is a bet

The ping-pong ball landed in the cup.

“Whoohoo! I won!” Juliette announced triumphantly.

“Oh come on…” Nina answered, dejected.

“A bet’s a bet!” the winner said gleefully.

“I guess…” Nina said, looking away.

“What? Are you going to pussy out?” Juliette grinned.

“You won, can’t that be enough?” pouted Nina.

“Well you would say that…” Juliette said, crossing her arms over her ample chest.

Juliette looked around at the twenty-odd people having fun and drinking in the living room.

“Come on, please… You’re not really going to… spank me, are you?”

“Oh I definitely am! You lost the bet! No backsies,” said Juliette.

“Nobody likes a gloater…”

“Or someone who chickens out…” Another grin.

Nina blushed, looking down.

“Fine… Can we at least do it… Privately?” she asked, timid.

“Well, then I get an extra.” Juliette said after a pause.

“What sort of extra?”

“No panties!”


“You heard me.”


“Or we can do it here in front of everyone, I don’t mind!” Juliette said, her hand firmly planted on her wide hips.

Nina looked around again. She was wearing a short skirt, a little crop top… Why had she chosen to wear stockings underneath it tonight? Sure, there was a chance that she would get in bed with Tom, but still, it was turning out to be a bad decision. Then again, so was taking that stupid bet. Bad decisions were her specialty lately, it seemed. She looked up at Juliette, who was preparing to make a scene and alert everyone.

“Fine, fine! Let’s go to the bedroom…”

With a wide smile, Juliette took Nina’s hand and let her guide her upstairs. Juliette, if she was honest with herself, had had her eyes on sweet little Nina for a while. She was exactly the type of girl she liked, a little shy, but with a wilder side underneath the bookish veneer. Well, that and her cute round ass, of course. They got to the bedroom, and she closed the door behind them.

Giggling slightly, Juliette pulled the chair from under the desk and sat on it. Nina was looking at the floor, a finger to her lips.

“Well?” asked Juliette.

“Well what?”

“I can’t see any panties on that floor…”

Biting her lip, Nina slid her hands under her skirt, and slowly pulled her panties all the way down her long legs. She hooped it over her heels and held it in her hand, unsure of what to do with them. Juliette whistled.

“Nice! The boys downstairs would have liked that!”

Nina said nothing. She bit her lip.

“You coming?”

Nina nodded and came to rest over Juliette’s lap, throwing the panties on the bed. She was shaking slightly. Juliette didn’t wait a minute to pull her skirt up, revealing that ass that she’d been eyeing all semester. The garters framing it made it all the cuter. She purred.

“It won’t be that bad, you’ll see!”

“Easy for you to say!”

Juliette laughed, and her hand fell on Nina’s bottom with a sharp *SMACK!* The poor girl moaned a little cry, and the hand fell down again. She clenched her buttocks, vainly trying to soften the blows that kept coming and coming. Juliette peppered her round ass with slaps, randomly hitting right, left and centre. Nina kicked her legs, trying to escape, but the other girl was holding her firmly.

The slaps got harder, they got faster. It hurt. It burned. *Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!* Juliette’s hand was relentless.

“That’s enough! That’s enough!” she cried, tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

“Do you want me to invite people in to watch?” Juliette said, sternly.

Nina moaned a litte, pitiful “No…” and finally resigned herself to the pain. As her tears flowed freely, she stopped kicking, stopped resisting, and found that… she enjoyed it. The tension leaved her shoulders with every slap. She blocked the world outside. There was only that bedroom, Juliette’s lap, her bottom exposed and sore. She could feel a ball of warmth in her stomach, and suddenly realised that she was very wet, in full view of Juliette. She didn’t even care. She moaned again, not in pain but in pleasure. She noticed that Juliette was taking more and more pauses to caress and massage her burning ass. She reached back to guide the other girl’s hand down between her legs.

Maybe that bet hadn’t been such a bad decision after all. Maybe she had just won.


“Owwww!” Lexi cried out, “Owww! Stop!”

“Nope…” said Keisha, her hand coming down once more on Lexi’s bare bottom.

“You made your point!” Lexi cried again.

“Nope…” Keisha said, nonchalantly, landing another hard slap. Lexi’s ass was a deep red by now, and Keisha’s added a few hard slaps to her thighs for good measure.

“Keisha… Owww! Please! Please!”

“I think I’ve told you I would stop once I was happy with your punishment?” Keisha’s hand hurt, but she didn’t let up, spanking her roommate without a pause.

“But surely… Owww! Surely by now…”

“Nope…” The slaps came again and again, hard, strict, painful.


“That’s my name, yes?” Her hand went down once more, unwavering.

“I’m sorry…”

“There are two things I can’t stand, Lex…” Keisha said, her hand like that of the law, heavy and punishing.


“Liars and thieves.” Merciless, she kept landing slap after hard slap on Lexi’s bruised, crimson round cheeks.

“I’ll make it back to you! I’ll buy it all back!”

“I’m sure you will.” She went for the thighs again, making Lexi cried out in pain. She wouldn’t be able to sit for a while, that was a given. Good.

“Keish—Oww! I’m sorryyyy…”

“Yup.” She went from full-palmed hand slaps to dry, quick one with the tip of her fingers. Lexi’s bottom wiggled and bounced as she winced and wiggled, helpless.

“Please stop…”