Maddison’s Evil Babysitter

“What?!” Maddison cried. “Mum!! I’m nineteen, there’s no way I’m having a fucking babysitter!”

“Language!” her mother snapped reflexively, “And you better change your tone, young lady.”

“But—” Maddie started

“There is no but!” her mum interrupted, “We are not leaving you alone and later coming home to a party, questionable smells, or you gone to Heaven knows where!”

“But… I have plans and…”

“Exactly, Maddison Jane.”

“Don’t do that…”

“Do what?!

“The middle name thing…”

Her mother shook her head. “Anyway, this is Jenny, and, like I said, she’ll be your babysitter for tonight.”



“She’s like, barely older than I am!”

“I’m twenty-two,” said Jenny, adjusting her glasses. Her voice was soft and she seemed friendly enough at first glance. Probably a fucking nerd too, high-flying student, well behaved, blah blah blah. Maddie could see why her mum had chosen her; she was probably all she wanted her daughter to be. Well tough, mum, all you’re getting is me, she thought.

“See?” Maddie said, “Barely older!”

“Well that’s great, isn’t it, dear? You’ll have a lot in common and you can make a new friend,” her mum said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“I’m an adult! Not a fu—”

“Language! I’m warning you!”

“Fine! Still! I’m not a baby and I don’t need a sitter!”

“And you think throwing a tantrum is the best way to demonstrate that?” asked her mother, unimpressed.

Maddie saw a little smile creasing the corner of Jenny’s mouth. That bitch. She was enjoying the show, wasn’t she?!

“I’m not!” she protested.

“Good. Then you’ll behave like a grown-up and do what you’re told without arguing.”

“Yeah, I’ll behave like an adult all right; I’m going to go out and do whatever I want!”

“As long as you’re living under this roof, young lady, you’ll obey the rules!”

“But it’s not fair!”

“It’s not about fairness.”

“Oh yeah? What’s it about, then?”

“It’s about keeping you safe, and not having to clean-up the house when we come back.”

“But mum!”

“And I’m not getting you from the police station again!”

“But that was…”

“Yes, yes, Zara, your friend,” her mother shook her head, “Not the first time… Now, where’s your father? We’re going to be late.”

“Mum, you’re not listening…”

“There is nothing to listen to. Until you show us that you can be responsible, I won’t leave you with no supervision.”

Maddison bit her lips, trying really hard to keep it in. She knew that her mother was right, in a way, if she went out, Zara would be there and well, things did usually get a little crazy when Zara was around. But God dammit, she was an adult, and she could make her own mistakes! More to the point, she could deal with the consequences. Besides, she’d never been in that much trouble. She could feel the rage bubbling inside her. It was so unfair. Her mum was treating her like a child, like a baby. Unfair, and stupid. Her mum could be nice, sometimes, but when it came to rules and discipline, she was such a freaking bitch!

She heard Jenny gasp.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?” her mother screamed.

Maddie’s eyes widened in fear and confusion. Had she… Had she said it out loud?

“I-I…” she stammered.

“Well that does it!” her mother snapped, furious. “Jenny, let me show you what to do with this one when she constantly chooses not to behave.”

She grabbed her daughter by the wrist and pulled her over to the sofa.

“What? Mum! No!” Maddison protested, “Please! I’m sorry! Mum!”

“Oh I’m sure you are, and you’re about to be a lot more…” her mother hissed between gritted teeth.

Jenny said nothing and pushed her glasses back up her nose a little. This was going to be an interesting night, she thought. She tried to keep her smile from getting wider.

Maddie’s mum sat down on the sofa and all but threw her pleading daughter over her lap. For all her claims of being an adult and for all her claims of being able to deal with the consequences of her actions, Maddie still found herself regularly begging for mercy over her mother’s lap, her bottom sore from the spankings she had never stopped deserving.

Her mum didn’t lose time and poured a dozen slaps over her skirt as she wriggled and cried out.

“Mum!” she begged, tears of shame in her eyes. “I didn’t mean it!”

“And yet,” her mother said, a hard slap crashing down on her daughter’s round bottom, “you did say it!”

“I’m sorry!” Maddie cried between two moans of pain.

The slaps kept coming, kept falling down, echoing in the living room. The curtains were open, and she hoped that nobody would be peering in at that moment. With each slap, she felt the burn increase, she bunched her fists and screwed her eyes shut to try and dull the pain.

There was a little cough and a voice said, “Ma’am?”

It was Jenny’s. Fucking Jenny was watching her getting spanked like a child. I bet she’s enjoying this, Maddie thought… and felt herself blush under the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Her mother paused for a moment and looked up at the babysitter, “Yes?” she said.

“Does Maddison usually get to keep her skirt on when she is… punished?” asked Jenny, with a little tilt of her head.

Oh you bitch, oh you absolute fucking bitch, Maddie thought, why don’t you suggest she use she cane while you’re at it?!

“No, you’re right,” said her mother, and Maddie gritted her teeth to prevent her from making it worse by speaking her mind.

“Mum! You really don’t need to…” she said in the sweetest tone she could manage, “I’ll be good,” she continued, “I’ll stay home, I’ll behave, okay? I’ll do whatever, Mum, please!”

“I think you need a proper lesson if you think swearing at me in front of a guest is acceptable, Maddison Jane.”

“Mum!” she pleaded. It was in vain. She felt her mother’s hand grab the hem of her skirt and pull it up to reveal her reddened cheeks. She kicked her legs and tried to get away, but her mother’s other hand was keeping her firmly in place and the slaps started anew, and with what felt like renewed vigour. It seemed that her mum was now making a point, for Jenny’s benefit no doubt. With the skimpy pair of panties that she was wearing, Maddie knew that the other young girl wasn’t missing any part of the humiliating spectacle. Her cheeks bounced and clenched under the onslaught, her mother’s handprints now fully covering them in red, painful marks. Maddison was openly crying now, all pretence of dignity forgotten in the slight hope that her mother would take pity on her and stop.

A few dozen slaps later, she did, and asked her daughter “Well, Maddison?”

The girl sniffled and tried to dry her cheeks with the back of her hand. “I’m sorry, mum,” she said in a little voice.

“You’ll behave?”

“Yes, mum…”

“You’ll be nice to Jenny?”

“Yes, mum…”

“Will you go out?”

“No, mum…”

Her mother nodded and rubbed Maddison’s burning bottom “Good girl,” she said, “get up.”

Maddie did as instructed, and pulled her skirt down with quick, clumsy pulls. She didn’t look at Jenny or her mum, keeping her eyes down on the floor. She could feel her cheeks burning with shame just as much as her bottom burned with pain. She crossed her arms and stayed silent.

“All right,” her mother said, “Do you need anything, Jenny?”

“Oh no, I think we’ll be fine, ma’am…”

“Oh don’t be silly, call me Carol”

“All right! We’ll be fine, Carol, don’t worry about it, just enjoy your evening!”

“Ah, we will, just as soon as my husband decides to show up…”

As she said it, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Everything all right here?” the man asked.

“Yes,” said Carol, “Just having a little talk with Maddison…”

“Maddie…” said her dad, seeing the wet trails on her cheeks and knowing full well what had happened.

She said nothing.

“And this is Jenny,” said the mother, gesturing towards the babysitter.

“Nice to meet you, sir!”

“Michael, please”

Jenny nodded with a pleasant smile. “Well, I hope you’ll both have a fantastic evening!”

 I bet you do, you brown-nose suck-up, Maddie thought.

And like that, with a few more pleasantries, her parents left, and it was just the two of them.

“So…” Jenny started.

“Don’t you even dare…”

“Don’t I dare what?”

“Try to make friend, pretend to be nice”

“I’m not pretending?”

“Oh yeah? Fantastic idea to have my mum pull my skirt up, mate, thanks!”

“I was just asking out of curiosity…”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Language, Maddison…”

Maddie’s eyes widened with fury

“Who do you think you are, huh?!” she yelled, pointing a finger at her.

“At the moment, I’m your babysitter, Maddison Jane, and your mother’s been very clear about what was to happen if you didn’t behave…” she smiled. Always that kind, pleasant smile, but Maddie could see the mean spark in her eyes.

“You wouldn’t…” said Maddie, hesitating.


“S-spank me…” she said quietly.

“Oh no?” the other girl said.

She looked her straight in the eyes “I wouldn’t let you!”

“Right. Well, let’s hope we don’t have to test that theory, huh?” said Jenny, still smiling.

“Yeah, let’s” Maddie said in her most venom-laden tone.

Jenny nodded. “Well, since you’re not going out, you should probably change.”

“Hum, no? I can wear this inside, it’s fine.”

“No.” Jenny said firmly, “I think you should go and put some PJs on.”


“I think you heard me.”

“All right, I think you might have misunderstood something here. I’m nineteen, yeah? I don’t know what kind of kids you usually deal with, but I don’t need to be told what to do, okay?”

“I think it’s pretty clear that you do need to be told what to do, Maddison. For one, your parents think you still need a babysitter, it seems, and for two, I can feel the heat radiating from your bottom right now. Not making the right choices, are we?”

“You f—”

“Ah, ah!” Jenny cut her off with a wag of her finger, “Language, remember?”

Maddie said nothing, and she glared.

“Now, you’re going to be a good girl, and you are going to go put your pyjamas on.” Jenny’s tone was cold as ice, despite her eternal smile. Her fucking smile. “Where’s your bedroom?” she continued.

Maddie shrugged and made a gesture with her head.

“Use your words, Maddison…”

“You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Doing what, Maddison?”

“Pissing me off!!”

Jenny shook her head, “Maddie, Maddie, Maddie… Is it okay if I call you Maddie?” She didn’t wait for an answer and continued “I have given you a warning for your language already, and it seems to me that you are choosing not to do as you’re told right now…”

“Stop it!”

“If you continue, there will be consequences, Maddie, you understand?”

“Stop. It!”

“I’m going to count to three…”

Maddie threw her arms up “Fine! God’s sake… I’ll put my gosh darn pyjamas on, all right? Will you leave me alone then?”

“As long as you behave, we shouldn’t have any issue, should we?”

Maddie stomped away without an answer and slammed her bedroom’s door shut. She was seething. How dare that nerd tell her what to do! She was clearly some kind of pervert who got off on controlling people. Little straight-A angelmy arse! She was evil, there was no other way. Who accepts to babysit a nineteen-year-old anyway? Where had her mum even found her? Grumbling and muttering, she took her skirt off, wincing as it rubbed against her tender bottom. She threw it on the floor, where her top and bra soon joined it. Nearly naked but for the little pair of knickers that barely covered her generous behind, she twisted around to look at the damage in the standing mirror that lay against the far wall. Yeah, she’d had worse, she thought. The redness made it strangely appealing, something she would never admit to herself. With a resigned sigh, she grabbed a pair of pyjama bottoms and top from the floor where she had left them that morning and put them on unceremoniously.

She looked around for her phone. She needed to tell Zara she wouldn’t make it tonight. She’d have to invent some bogus excuse, there was no way she was telling her friends that she had a babysitter. She had had her fill of humiliation for the night, thank you very much. Now where was that damn phone? She had left it in the living-room, she realised. Great.

Coming out of her room, she promised herself she would just ignore Jenny. Keep your mouth shut, be patient, it’s just one evening, she told herself. She could do this. Surely…

“D’aww, look at you!” Jenny said as she came back into the living room, “These are some cute PJs! Where did you get them?”

Maddie forced the fakest of smiles “Oh I can’t remember, Jenny, I’m so sorry, I wish I could be of assistance, really.”

Jenny raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Yeah, you keep your trap shut, Maddie thought. She looked around the room. Where was that damn…

“Looking for this?” Jenny asked, holding the phone up.

“Yes,” said Maddie, tersely.

“Well?” Jenny pouted

“Well what?”

“Are you going to ask for it?”

Maddie closed her eyes and let a breath through her nose. Stay calm, you can do this.

“Can I please have my phone back?” she asked, sugar-sweet.

“I don’t think you need your phone, said Jenny, bringing her arm down.


“It’s not good to be staring at phones before bed, don’t you know? Very bad for your sleep.”

“Yeah, well, I still need to text my friends”

“I’m sure they’ll manage without you.”

“Yes,” Maddie said through gritted teeth, “they will manage, but it’s polite to tell them, isn’t it?”

“Right, well, tell me what to write and I’ll send it for you”

“I’m not letting you use my phone!”

“Oh? Why not?” asked Jenny with a grin.

“Because it’s my phone! What’s wrong with you?”

“That’s all right, like I said, your friends will manage.”

“Listen here, Jenny…”

“Yes Maddison? I’m listening?”

“I’ve done as you asked, okay? I’m not going out, I’ve got my PJs on, I’m not yelling right now…”

“So, you have achieved basic standards of behaviour, well done, Maddie!”

Maddison paused for a moment to let the anger recede.

“Just let me have my phone, okay?”

“No.” Jenny said, simply.

“But why?”

“I told you, it’s bad for your sleep!”

“One text. I’ll do it in front of you. That’s reasonable, right?”

Jenny put a finger to her lips and looked up at the ceiling, feigning to think about it. Infuriating. This was all a game to her wasn’t it? That little evil bitch

“All right, one text,” she said, finally, and offered the phone to Maddison. The girl grabbed it without a word and quickly typed a message to her group chat. She wasn’t feeling well, couldn’t make it tonight, blah blah blah. Something about food poisoning or whatever.

“Done?” the babysitter asked, her hand palm up.

“Yeah…” Maddie said, not handing it over yet. Jenny flexed her finger.

“The phone, young lady.”

“Don’t you ‘young lady’ me! You’re barely older than I am!”

“Yet, I’m in charge. The phone. Now.”

“You know what? Fuck you! I’m done playing your games!”

Jenny got up without saying a word and panted her hands on her hips.

“You have until the count of three, young lady,” she said with a grin. She didn’t even bother hiding her enjoyment, dropping all pretences.

“You have until the count of three to go fuck yourself, more like!”

Jenny’s smile only widened. “Suit yourself,” she said, and closed on Maddison.

“Don’t you dare!” the girl cried.

“Oh I don’t think I’m giving you a choice, Maddie”

“I’ll call the police!”

“And tell them what? That your babysitter is being a big meanie? Listen to yourself, Maddie… Your own mother doesn’t trust you, and you still get spanked like a little girl. I’m guessing that happens often, doesn’t it?”

“Shut up!”

“How mature of you… Clearly, you have taken a wrong turn somewhere, and you need to be put back on the right track…”

“I don’t… I don’t need the likes of you to give me lessons, okay?”

“The likes of me?”

“Yeah… Little miss perfect over there… You think you’re sooo much better than me, don’t you?”

“I think you could do so much better, that is true…”

“I’m never going to be like you, okay? I…”

“You don’t have to be like me, Maddie”

“Well good, I’d rather kill myself”

“That’s not very kind, now, is it?”

Maddie shrugged. “Just saying what I think.”

Jenny nodded. “Are you done, then?”


“Your little tantrum?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m telling you what’s going to happen, Maddison…”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. I’m going to take you over my knees”

“Yeah, right”

“And I’m going to spank you.”

“Sure, sure…”

“And then we’ll see what we can do to put your life back on track.”

“What? Who do you think you… Just… Listen to yourself!”

“Do you like your life right now, Maddie?”

“Well, I don’t like right now, I can tell you that”

“It’s not what I’m asking, and you know it, Maddie, don’t you? Do you like getting in trouble all the time? Do you like being treated like a child? Being grounded and spanked? Do you like that you can’t trust yourself to keep out of trouble?”

“Just fucking stop! You’re not my therapist, okay?!”

Jenny faked a little sigh, “And still with the language… You think you’re mad at me, at your mum… But you know you’re only mad at yourself, right?”

“No! It’s just that I…” Maddison started


“Forget it.” She looked away.

“No, no, tell me, Maddie”


Maddison looked down. She couldn’t find the words. She mumbled something.

“I didn’t hear that,” Jenny said, softly.

“I hate it,” Maddison repeated, quietly.

“What do you hate, Maddie?”

“All of it… All you said…” the girl said finally.

Jenny nodded knowingly but said nothing.

“And…” Maddie carried on, “I… I know I could do so much better but I…” she shrugged “I don’t know. I want to change and… I want my parents to be proud but… It’s hard. And it’s not fun, right? I… I don’t want to end up like Zara but, well, she’s my friend. And she’s a nice person, you know?”

“She probably is… But is it really what you need right now?”

“And what, you are?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“Did my mum put you up to this? Are you supposed to replace Zara or something? Is that your plan?”

“No, Maddie, I’m not replacing anyone”

“What are you doing, then?”

“The only person who can make it right is you, Maddie. You’re the one in control, ultimately.”

“Yeah, sure feels that way…”

“You can’t choose how you feel about things, but you can certainly choose how you react to them…”

“I guess…”

“It’s true. But I’m not saying it’s easy.”

“And you know that how?”

“Well… You might think I’m little miss perfect, yeah? But no so long ago, I was pretty much where you are now.”


“See, you were right in a way, your mum did hire me to help you.


“I’m part of an agency that helps struggling young adults get their life back on the rails.”

“Oh God, there’s more of you?”

“Joke all you want, Maddie, but they helped me getting my life back together, and I was in a far worse place than you are now.”

“Right. So you’re Nanny McPhee and you’re going to magically solve all my problems?”

“Ah! I wish it were that easy! Like I said, it’s hard work, Maddie. But you can do it.”

“Says who?”

“Says me.”


“Your parents care, you know?”

Maddie scoffed. “Yeah, they sure do…”

“We don’t come cheap… When parents come to us, we know they want the best for their children…”

“If you say so…”

Jenny sat back down on the sofa. “I want to help you, Maddie,” she said, “We all want to help you. But it has to start with you.”

“What does that mean?”

“Do you want to get better?”


“Do you mean that?” asked Jenny, a look of genuine concern over her face

“Yes!” Maddison said, angrily.

“Right,” Jenny said with a smile, and tapped her lap.”

Maddison looked at her “What? No.”

“That’s the first step, Maddie.”

“No way, I already got a spanking, okay? Bet you enjoyed that…”

“That was… Quite similar to my own experience, if I’m honest…”

Maddie said nothing, here eyes going from Jenny’s lap to her smiling face. “Can you really help?” she said after a while.

“I promise, Maddie.”

Maddison’s shoulders slacked and she shuffled over to the babysitter. Hesitantly, she bent over and place herself over her lap. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Did that… girl just trick her into getting a spanking? She wiggled a little as she struggled with her thoughts.

“Comfy?” Jenny asked, seemingly kind.

Can I even trust her? Maddie thought, she’s evil, remember?

“I guess…”  she said out loud.

The first slap came suddenly. Maddie let out a cry of pain. For her slight build, Jenny’s slaps were surprisingly strong, stronger than her mother’s, even. And she didn’t let up, peppering her already tender bottom with quick, tip-of-the-fingers little smacks that bit like whiplashes. Maddie couldn’t help but kick her legs and tried to protect her bottom with her hand, only to have it pushed away instantly.

“Don’t, or I’ll pin it down your back,” Jenny warned.

“All right, all right! I’m ready to learn now, you can stop!”

“The first step is to let go, Maddie”

“Owww! Let go of what?!”

“Everything, your pride, your shame”

“What does that —Owww!— even mean?”

“I means you need to submit.”


“Let go. You’re not in charge right now”

“But… Oww!”

Jenny picked up the pace, and the slaps came down harder. Maddie could feel tears rolling down her cheeks again. Letting go? Of what? She was in pain! What did that evil bitch even mean? She new it was just a trap, she knew it! She felt her pyjama bottoms being pulled down. No way!

“Let me go!” she cried

“No, we’re going through with this” Jenny said, pulling the trousers down to her knees, and her panties soon after.

“No! Stop” Maddie begged

“Do you want to be better?” Jenny asked

“Yes! Yes!”

“Do you mean it?”

“Yes! But please!”

“Then stop resisting, stop struggling. Abandon your ego.”


The slaps started again in earnest, and each of them was more painful than the next, falling hard on her already bruising bottom. She thought about kicking, she thought about struggling, but what was the point? She had accepted this. She knew it wouldn’t work. And besides… shouldn’t she… try?

Maddie closed her eyes and finally stopped talking, stop begging. She felt the pain coursing through her, her bottom burning. She felt the pain, the shame of being exposed, the pain of being treated like a child, the pain of being a disappointment. She hated it. She hated the pain, she hated Jenny, her mother and father, even Zara. But mostly, she hated herself for getting to this point. It hurt, it hurt so bad, and finally, something broke. A knot undid itself in the pit of her stomach and it all came out like a tidal wave of emotions. She started sobbing uncontrollably, big, ugly tears that she did nothing to stop. For a moment, she wasn’t Maddison anymore, she wasn’t Maddie. She lost herself in the moment, in the pain, in the feelings.

Then, as spank after spank continued to fall on her bottom, she started to build herself back up, she remembered all that she wanted to be, she remembered who she could be. She didn’t care anymore about the pain; she didn’t care about the shame. Each slap was more encouragement to be herself. If she could get through this, she could do anything. She was good enough.

“Stop,” she said softly.

There must have been something in her voice, because Jenny did stop, and started gently rubbing the poor girl’s burning buttocks. “I’m proud of you…” she said. Maddie was still softly weeping.

“I need help” she said

“I know, Maddie,” Jenny said, “you’re not alone”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise”

“Can… Can I get up?”

“Yes… But you’re going to have to go to the corner, do you understand?”

“Y-yes…” Maddie hesitated, “Can… Can I get something first?”

“Go ahead…” Jenny said as Maddison got back up and shuffled to her room, her pyjama bottoms still halfway down her legs.

When she came back, she was holding an old, well-worn teddy bear. “For moral support,” she said, and went into the corner, a little smile on her tear-streaked face.

Jenny smiled. There was hope for this one yet.

Jenny’s first time

Jenny and I had been friend since the first day we’d met at the start of high school. Maybe it was that we both came from far away and knew nobody there, or maybe it had been pure luck that had put us in first period together. Whatever the reason, we had immediately clicked. She was funny, a little nerdy at times, and she put up with my awkward sense of humour. Although we grew close as can be, the idea of dating had never even crossed our minds. In fact, the thought had always seemed preposterous. She was more like a sister to me, and you wouldn’t date your sister —no matter was a certain subgenre of naughty films would have you believe.

We had gotten through high school together and, as luck would have it, found ourselves going for the same college a few towns over. Naturally, we moved-in together. After a few months of this new life, Jenny found herself a boyfriend, and in the following weeks she was around less and less. We were still friends, mind, and we had fun talking, playing videogames, and cooking together whenever she was home, but it was not really the same. Nevertheless, I was happy for her. Life goes on.

One night, I heard the door quite late in the evening, and somebody trying to muffle sobs. I popped my head out of my door only to find Jenny sat on the floor in the hallway, her hand on her forehead, crying heavy tears. I sat beside her wordlessly and held her. She turned around and buried her head in my chest to cry some more. After a while, her sobs quieted down, and I felt I needed to ask, “What’s going on, Jen?”

“It’s Lucas,” she said.

“What about him?” I asked. Lucas was her boyfriend, of course. Not a bad dude at all, in fact. We’d spent a few evenings together with no issue, and I’d heard plenty about him from Jenny, but never anything bad.

“He left me!” Her voice cracked and she started sobbing again.

“Well, he’s an idiot then… What happened? Did he hurt you?”

“No…” she said, quietly.

“What happened, Jen?”


“You’re worrying me now…”

“No, no, nothing bad happened, I promise” she said, shaking her head and sniffling.


“It’s… kind of the problem…”

I was even more confused than before.

“What do you—” she interrupted me before I could finish the first of many questions that were tumbling in my head.

“I’ll tell you, but you have to promise to just listen, okay? Say nothing, just listen. All right?”

“I mean, uh…”

“Promise me?”

“Fine, no problem, I’ll just listen.”

“Okay so… Lucas and I were… You’ll let me finish, okay?”

I just nodded.

“So, Lucas…” she continued, “We were, like, talking and… We got to talking about our fetishes and stuff…” She blushed visibly. “And it turns out he’s… Pretty vanilla, you know?”

“Okay?” I said, hesitantly.

“No talking!” she said, gently slapping my forearm. I passed two fingers across my lips, zipping it shut.

She carried on, “So I told him what I’m into and… Well, he didn’t take it well at all.” Tears were welling up in her eyes again.

“He called me a deviant and… and a freak and… he said he didn’t want anything to do with me if… if I was that kind of s-s-slut” Tears were freely running down her cheeks again.

“What an asshole,” I muttered beneath my breath.

For a few minutes, we were both quiet as she calmed herself down again.

“So…” I started… “Is your fetish, like, that bad?” I blushed.

“Seems so…”

“I always knew you were into midget granny scat porn, you know?”

She let out a little laugh and punched my arm.

“Shut up, everyone isn’t like you…”

“Nah, I’m one of a kind…”


She fell silent again. I was out of awkward jokes, so I asked the obvious question.

“Do you want to tell me?”

“You’ll think I’m a freak as well…”

“I’m not about to kink-shame you, Jen… Whatever you fantasise about in that weird head of yours is your business. It’s just… I don’t know, maybe I can make you feel better about it?”

She stayed quiet for a minute. Then she murmured, “I like spankings.”


“Spanking. I’m, like, into that,” she said, audibly this time.

“Okay and?”

“What do you mean and?”

“Well pretty much everybody is into a little bit of rough play, aren’t they? What’s the other thing?”

“No, no, that’s it…”

“What, really?”


“What a fucking idiot.”

“See, I knew you were going to hate me as well…” her voice broke again.

“No not you! Not you! That big fat idiot Lucas! What is wrong with that guy?”

“Oh!” She wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“I was expecting something, like, extreme…” I said

She shrugged. “That was too extreme for him apparently.”

“He really left you over that?”


“You didn’t fart in front of him? Clog his toilet?”


“Did he… give it a go?”


“Well, spanking?”

“Did it sound like he was willing to give it a go?”

“Hum… I suppose not.”

“Well there you go…”

“I see…” I thought for a moment, then asked, “And so have you ever…”


“Like… Done it?”

“You know Lucas was my first boyfriend…”

“Hey, maybe you have guy after guy come here to punish you like a naughty, naughty girl when I’m not around, I don’t know!”

She shook her head in disbelief and pushed me away jokingly. “You’re such an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I make you smile so…”

“That’s true.”

“So… You wanna be like, a dominatrix? Leather and all?”

She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know what kind of porn you’re into but no. I… Hum… Would like to be… On the receiving end.”

“I see… So…” I asked again, “never been spanked?”


“Your parents?”


“Good, your mum is terrifying enough as it is.”

“Shut up!” She sighed. “You promise it’s not that bad?”

“It’s like, kinda normal, I think?” I said, honestly.

“I don’t know”

“Plus you’ve never tried”


“So maybe you won’t like it, maybe it’s just a fantasy, really.”


“Plus, you’re a wuss so…”

She shrugged. I wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought I was.

“It was a joke,” I said, miserably.

“I…” she started, and blushed crimson. “I’ve done it to myself before, a little.”

“What? Like, spanked yourself?”

“Yeah… To… to see what it’s like”



“And?” I asked.

“I don’t know, it wasn’t bad but it’s not the same, like.” She was still blushing, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“Well… Thank you,” I said with a smile.

 “What for?” she asked.

“For trusting me with this.”

“He made me feel so bad about it, I… I’m glad you don’t think the same way.”

“He’s an idiot. And he doesn’t know what he’s missing.”


“I mean, like, you’re awesome, anybody would be lucky to have you. He’s just a dumb idiot.”

“Thanks, but that feels a little hollow right now…”

“Plus, I’m sure your butt is great to spank.”

She looked up, shocked.


“Your butt. It could definitely do with a spanking. And you left dirty dishes in the sink so…”

She blushed again and buried her face in her hands. “Stop!”

“Well, you never tried it and… I don’t know, maybe it would make you feel better? And those dishes, damn! There’s a type-2 civilisation in there!”

She laughed. “Are you… Are you serious, though? You want to…”

“I can’t promise you I’ll be good at it, but I you wanna try…”

She shot me a weird glance and looked away. She went quiet. A minute went by, then two. It’s then that what I’d just suggested actually dawned on me. I couldn’t believe myself. The words had just come out. Maybe I thought I was being funny again. What an idiot. She was going to hate me. She was going to think I was taking advantage of her. She was going to ask me to leave. She was—

“I’d like you to.” she said

“W-what?” I said, a look of utter surprise on my face.

“If-if you were serious?” she said, hesitantly, looking away.

“Of course! But…”


“Will you tell me how?”

“Your hand. My butt.” She laughed.

I blushed and nervously laughed in turn. She got up and took my hand, helping me up. Nervous, she led me to the sofa and told me to sit down.

“So,” she said, “we’re going to do it, like, oh-tee-kay”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Over the knees.”

“Oh! Okay, soz, I don’t know the lingo.”

“Pfft, amateur,” she winked. Her mood seemed to have transformed in a flash and she was smiling widely. “I’m going to lie over your lap, okay? And then… Well it’s kinda obvious.”

“Shouldn’t we have, like, a safeword?”

“Aaah! So you know what you’re doing, huh? Such a naughty boy…”

“Hey! You said that wasn’t your thing!”

She laughed, “Cactus!”

“Beg your pardon?”

“Cactus, it’ll be the safeword.”

“Got it. Anything else?”

“Well…” she said, and undid her jeans without another word. My jaw fell to the floor just as her jeans did. She turned to face me, her hand crossed in front of her panties. “I… I think bare-bottom would be a bit much…” She bit her bottom lip oh-so-sensually. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling very mixed emotions. Not so sisterly after all, it turned out.

She came over and put herself over my knees. She was warm, soft, a little heavier than I would have thought. With her looking away, I finally let myself look at her bottom. I forgot to breathe for a moment. I’d never noticed how shapely, how round her ass was. Two pearly white globes in need of attention. She repositioned herself slightly and her cheeks bounced a little. They were perfect. And, for a time, they were entirely mine.

“Are you done gazing?” she said with a smile, and I died a little inside.

“Just making sure my calibrations are correct, miss.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled.

“You know, even now that you’re like, tall and sorta good-looking…”


“… you’re still a massive dork.”

“A massive dork who’s about to spank your bottom, missy, so pipe down!”

She bit her lip. “Yes, Sir…” she said.

“Finally, a bit of respect!” I said and let my hand fall on her bottom for the first time. A glorious *SLAP* seemed to echo around the room as my hand met her firm flesh, and she let out a little “Oh!” of surprise.

“I’m sorry, was that too hard?”

“No, no, carry on!”

I gave her another one, *SLAP!* The sound was sharp. It was loud, much louder that I had thought it would be. Her bottom was still fresh to the touch. It bounced hypnotically, and before I even realised it, my hand was coming down again, and again, leaving faint red marks were my finger struck.

“Mmmh…” she said quietly.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Can you try… harder?” she said, covering her smile.

“You mean can you try harder Sir?” I said, giving her a harder slap.

“Mmmmh, yes, Sir… Sorry Sir…”

“Like… That?” I tried, putting a little more force into it. Her left cheek was turning pink. I gave her right one another couple slaps for good measure.

“Exactly like that… Sir…” she said, happily.

I carried on, feeling my jeans getting tighter as I peppered her perfect bottom with hard slaps. From white, to pink, to red. She started squirming as spank after hard spanked rained down on her. I could hear her trying to hold her moans. She was failing.

After another dozen hard slaps, I paused and my hand instinctively went to rub her crimson bottom. Slowly, in circles, I soothed her burning pain.

“Mmmh…” she sighed happily, “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Yes, I’m sure, but…”


“If you want, I’ll do it again…”