Advent 1 – Elsa

It’s December! The tree is up, the wine is mulled, and it’s time for an advent calendar! From today until the 25th, there will be a new pic everyday!

I hope you’ll enjoy them! First off, Elsa seems like she would enjoy a good warming up of her rump, hehehe… Maye the sequel should be called ‘Thawed’!

A Royal Invitation

By decree of his majesty the King, let it be know that Her Majesty the Royal Princess Adélaïde of France is to receive 30 strokes of the cane on her buttocks for her unruly behaviour during the reception with His Majesty Ferdinand VI, King of Spain.

Her father, His Majesty Louis XV, wishes it to be known throughout the Realm that he cherishes his renewed relations with the Crown of Spain and that none shall sully them.

The event will take place this coming Saturday in the Gardens of Versailles at three in the afternoon. Light food and refreshment shall be available for the honourable members of the court.