The story is from the commissioner:

One Saturday, Raven and her group of friends were on their way to the beach after seeing a movie.

Making their way down the street, talking back and forth, Raven could sense despair. She looked around and then a wave of black smoke in the air signalled a fire. The group of ten run down the street while calling 911.

The fire department had not arrived yet, though you could hear the screaming of sirens. The 5-story building was in a blaze. The fire was hot enough to feel it from the other side of the road. Knowing there were people inside, Raven knew she had to do something.

She snuck away from her friends, since to them she was only Rachel Roth. Going around the trees behind them, she teleported inside the burning building. She took a deep breath and made her way to the people inside.

A mother holding her kids on the floor were the first people she got to. “Raven!” the little boy yelled cheerfully as his hero appeared to have blown away the burning hot door that had trapped him and his family. He rushed to hug her “please help us” he cried with tears in his eyes. Raven got to his level “It is going to be okay” she said in her monotone voice. She waved the family over. Using her powers, she moved the burning debris to make a path as they made their way to collect people alone the way out. She took no fear away from them, though she did give them courage.

Once the fire department got there, the fire was dying down, Raven had tried to snuff what she could and guided everyone out.  Everyone cheered as a large group of people ran out unharmed.

Though something was not right. Raven sensed there was someone left. She turned and went back inside looking for the last soul.

An elderly woman in her room clinging on to her cane. She was frozen in fear. Raven, like many times before blew the door off. She saw the woman “it is okay, you are safe now” the woman shook her head as she did not want to leave. She did not want to let go of the pictures and belongings she had because that was all she had left of her late husband.

Raven nodded, looking around. She didn’t want to tarry, but she knew that it was not only lives that would be lost to the fire, but memories as well.

Outside, a black dome covered the building. The air inside was burned by the fire until there was no fire left.

Meanwhile Rachel’s friends called out for her, they started to worry.  As the old woman stepped outside as well, one of Rachel’s friends spotted her coming from behind the burnt building. “What the hell? What were you doing back there?” One of them yelled, worried.

Unable to tell her friends what had happened or why it looked as if she put herself in danger, they scolded her as they walked to the beach.

They set up a small campfire and sat around it and talked about the movie they had seen, though they could not get over how Rachel had put herself in danger. They talked and then came up with the idea to teach the new girl of the group a lesson. One of the girls took Rachel’s arm and pulled her over her lap and pulled her pants down.

“You could have hurt yourself! You need to let the professionals and the heroes help other people and not put yourself in danger!” Her friend scolded her.

Rachel yelped and begged “you don’t understand” she pleaded to no avail. After ten minutes Rachel was passed to Dan, the guy next to Beth. He began spanking Rachel over his lap over and over, scolding her the same about how they are all worried about her.

After Ten minutes of spanking by Dan she was passed again to another friend who continued her punishment.  All five of Rachel’s fiends took turns spanking her on the beach around the campfire. Rachel just cried, tears running down her face as her butt burned from the stinging pain of her long, hard spanking.

Though her butt was sore, and she was humiliated, she still couldn’t tell them that she was Raven of the Titans!

The Dance – part two

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Cindy pressed her round bottom against her locker, pushed her chest up and bat her eyelashes at Brad as he came down the corridor. The spaghetti top and tight, short denim shorts she was wearing didn’t leave much to the imagination and accentuated her round hips and full breasts.

“Heyyy, Brad…” she purred, “I heard Susanna cancelled on your for the dance… That’s too bad…”

Brad came to a stop in front of her and put let his rucksack down on the floor. Taller than she was, lean and toned, his hair cropped on one side, he was everything that that made her bite her lips with desire. She often thought of him at night, alone in her bed, when her hands started to wander.

He stared. “Yeah… You wouldn’t have anything to do with that, would you Cind?” he said.

“Me?” she said in her most innocent voice, “Why would I do that?”

“I heard you were pretty pissed at her…”

“Oh yeah? Who told you that?!”

“It doesn’t matter who. Did you do it?”

“Do what?” She raise an eyebrow.

Brad put his hands on his hips and frowned.

“You know what!”

“No!” she pretended “I don’t.”

He blushed and continued in a hushed tone, looking up and down the corridor.

“You spanked her? What’s wrong with you?”

She laughed. “What? Who told you that?”

“it doesn’t matter who told me!”

“I never… spanked… her. What the fuck, Brad? Are you a pervert or something?


“That’s your fetish, huh? Girls spanking each other?”

“What? No! I…”

“Oh I’m sure it is… Naughty, naughty girls getting punished… Is that what you like, Brad?” she smiled wider while he blushed.

“You’ve got issues, Cind…” he muttered

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it? Are you going to take me to the dance or what?”

He took his bag from the floor and grabbed Cindy by the wrist, not too gently.

“Come on, not here,” he said, and pulled her towards and empty classroom.

“What are you doing?” she asked, half smiling, half panicking. Maybe she had taken it a little too far? Surely not. She knew how boys thought, manipulating them was one of her favourite things. A little teasing, a little waving her hips around, and she had them wrapped around her finger.

He closed the door behind them as they entered the empty classroom and let go of her wrist.

“Well?” she asked, hiding her misgivings behind another grin.

“I know you did spank Susanna, and don’t you even dare deny it!”

She shrugged, “Yeah, and? That slut shouldn’t have been strutting around, that’s all…”

“Don’t call her that!”

“What? A slut? I call a piggy a piggy, that’s all!”

“All right, that’s enough,” he said, grabbing her arm and dragging her to the nearest chair, “You think you can spank someone just because you don’t like them? Well I’ll show you how that feels.”

He sat down and swiftly bend her over his knees.

“Hey! No! Stop!” she yelped, but he didn’t listen. Without another word, he raised his hand and smacked her bottom, a loud, painful slap that immediately made her eyes water in surprise, pain, and delicious shame. Not wasting a second, another slap fell, and another, and another until the sound of them filled the room in a steady rhythm punctuated by whining, barely contained cries. She kicked her legs

“Brad!…” she pleaded, tears rolling down her cheeks. This wasn’t going as planned, not at all. “Brad, please!…”

Unmoved, he continued to rain spanks over her round, denim-clad bottom. Already he could see her sit spots turning a satisfying red. After a dozen more slaps, he grabbed the waistband of her shorts and dragged them down, panties and all, to her knees despite her outraged protest.

“No! No! Stop! You can’t!”

“Did you give Susanna a choice?”

“No but… Please! I’m sorry, all right! You can go with that bitch, I don’t —OWWW!”

“Don’t call her that,” he said, punctuating each syllable with a hard, painful slap on her now naked bottom. As he kept on spanking and smacking her round, bouncing bottom, her shorts and panties fell further down her legs until they were at her ankles, then on the floor. All the whiles, her tears were flowing openly, her cries getting more desperate.

“Braaad! Please! I beg you! I’m sorryyy! Please! Please! Someone will come! Someone will see…”

“Did you think of that when you were doing it to Susanna?”

The slaps were getting harder and harder. Cindy was sobbing, bawling, unable to articulate her begging anymore. Finally, satisfied, he relented. His hand resting on her burning, bruised cheeks, he said, “If I hear that you said anything to Susanna, if I hear you’ve been anywhere near her, I promise you you’ll end up in the same position for round two. Is that clear?”

She sniffed, “Y-yessir…”

All the while, shaking from the sobs, the pain, the humiliation, and the scolding, she was thinking. Only three people knew what she had really done the day before. Only three people knew that she’s spanked Susanna on the bare. Three people: herself, Susanna of course —but she wouldn’t have dare admit it to Brad— and Abi. That bitch Abi. She had told Brad, she was sure of it. That. Bitch.

She was going to pay.

My Naughty Babysitter

My parents go out about once a week —their night they call it— and even though I’m a teenager and definitely old enough to take care of myself, they want someone to keep an eye on me and my younger sister, Judy. So once a week, Lucille comes to our house.

Lucille is a pretty cool babysitter, truth be told. She’s 19, not much older than I am (16), and she’s pretty cute. She lets me play games, and isn’t too strict with bedtimes and stuff for Judy. She even ordered pizza for us all one night! To be honest, I kinda look forward to her coming every week. I think about her, her hips, her small waist… She’s got a nice rack to, and a cute butt. As the weather gets warmer, she tends to be wearing shorts, skirts, hotpants… Yeah, I think about her a lot.

So last week, I was playing some game in my room when I thought I heard Lucille call. That was after Judy’s bedtime so I took my headphones off and called back. She didn’t answer but I could still hear her talking. Now, my parents are quite strict about her not having people over, or even being on the phone with her boyfriend, in case something happens to us. My parents are quite strict in general. So I got to the living room door and I could hear her more clearly. She was moaning, I peeked through the ajar door and saw that she was holding her phone up and caressing herself in front of it, playing with her boobs, making cute little faces. She passed a hand between her legs and let out another little moan. “Subscribe for more!” she said.

I opened the door suddenly and she jumped, crying “Oh my god!” and trying to put her phone away.

“Jack!” she said, “Hum… Are you okay?”

“I guess…” I said.

“Hum… Did you…”

“See that?”


“I guess I did…”

“I… It was nothing, don’t worry…” She looked embarrassed.

“It didn’t look like nothing…” I said.


“It looked like you were filming some OnlyFans vids in my parent’s living-room?”

“Are… aren’t you a little young to know what that is?” she said, half-defiantly.

“Hum, no, I’m 16… Believe me, I know…”

“Okay, well… Don’t…”

“Tell my parents?”


“I think they’d like to know…”

“No! Please! They’d never call me again!”

“And they’d probably tell your parents…”

“No! Just… Don’t tell them, okay? It was just a stupid video…”

“You know what they’d do to you if they knew you were doing that in their home?”


“You’d definitely get a spanking…”

“A what?”

“You know… A spanking? Over the knees…”

“I… I don’t…”

“Just saying…”

“What are you saying exactly, Jack?”

“I’m saying, Lucille, that if you don’t want me to tell, then you have to let me give you a spanking!”

“What? No!”

“Fair enough,” I shrugged, and took my phone out, “I’ll call them right now…”

“No! Wait!”

I held the phone up, my finger next to the ‘call’ icon. “Your choice…”

“Fine! Fine! Don’t tell them… My parents would kill me…”

With a grin, I pulled out a chair from the table and sat on it. She looked at me, paralysed. I could see a lot of things going through her head.

“Well?” I said “I can still call them if you prefer…”

“No!” she said, and came towards me. I indicated my lap and, blushing, she came down over it. She was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts over her round ass, and I could feel her chest pressing against my thigh. She was hot, and having her at my mercy made it even hotter. I’m sure she could feel what effect she was already having on me, but she said nothing. I patted her bottom a few time, getting a good feel of her round cheeks, then slapped her hard in the middle of her ass.

“Oww!” she cried, “Okay, are you done?”

“Are you kidding?” I said, “That was one slap!” To demonstrate, I gave her another, and another, and another. She tensed and I grabbed her waist a little more firmly. I kept slapping her bottom, feeling the rough fabric under my hand. She started kicking her legs a little, and protested wordlessly.

“Jack, please…” she said after a few dozen slaps. “You… You’ve had your fun!…”

“Oh I don’t think so… If you don’t want me to tell, then your shorts are coming down!”

“What? But… But…”

“I need to check that your ass is properly red” I said with a grin, and continued to spank her.

“No… Oww!”


“No, please…” she begged.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.”


I stopped slapping and grabbed the waistband of her shorts, pulling them up tight against her crotch. “Unbutton these and come back down” I said, trying to sound as authoritarian as I could. It probably worked, because she didn’t protest anymore and gingerly pulled her shorts down, revealing a little skimpy white thong. We both blushed.

“I’m keeping that on,” she said, I nodded.

Not that it hid any of her gorgeous ass, to be fair, and it was already starting to get quite red. I held her back down and started spanking her again, harder this time, watching her cheeks bounce as she moaned and cried out. I spanked her down her thighs as well, making her yelp with pain. The more I spanked her round ass, the redder it became, until she really started crying and begging me to stop.

When I finally let her go, her ass was engraved in my memory forever. She rubbed it thoroughly in front of me, probably not even thinking about it, and pulled her shorts back up with a sniffle. She didn’t look at me, her gaze fixed on the floor.

“Your parents will be home soon,” she said.

“I’ll be in my room,” I said with a smile.

She nodded.

“Do you want me to subscribe to your OnlyFans, then?” I said with a wide grin.

She flipped me the bird, “Don’t push it, Jack!”

My parents never guessed what happened. In fact, Lucille is going to come back tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it!