Truth be told, Lola had always been a bit of a bitch, to her classmates, to her teammates, to her younger sibling, and to any student that she deemed not good enough for her. That included me, and pretty much everyone outside her very exclusive clique. As devious as she was smart, she had all the teachers convinced that she was a perfect little angel, never late, rude, or troublesome. The one person she had never managed to get in her pocket was the football coach, Mr. Makarov. Notoriously bad-tempered, he had threatened multiple times to get us  what we deserved if we weren’t playing fair or showed poor sportsmanship. Up until that day, no one had known what what we deserved meant.

That day, we were losing, badly. By half-time, the other team was leading three-nil, and Lola was losing her temper. She mouthed off one of the defence players on our team, berating her last play and mocking her for having messy hair, freckles, no friends and whatever else she could think of. The girl was on the verge of tears, which only made Lola more vicious. When Mr. Makarov came in the changing room, though, no one was brave enough to complain to him, knowing that Lola would make our lives hell once the game was over if we did.

The second half came, and Lola was still fuming. Come on, you bunch of losers, she muttered as we went back to the field.

“What was that?” Mr Makarov’s voice came from behind her.

“Nothing, sir,” Lola said with a perfectly innocent smile. She rolled her eyes as she ran away to take her place in the team. The match went on, and even though we were holding our own, we weren’t marking any goals. Time was ticking. More and more frustrated, she was getting aggressive, physical. When Carly lost the ball on a promising move, she started cursing at her, checking first that Mr Makarov was far on the other side. We said nothing. When the other team went on the attack, she pursued their star player and, with a little angry cry as her adversary was about to get away with the ball, she spitefully tackled her from behind, sending her tumbling down face first in the mud. Getting up with a satisfied smile, she even kicked the downed girl for good measure. Grinning, she went for the ball when she realised that the referee had been frantically blowing his whistle and running towards her. On his heels was Mr Makarov. He did not look impressed.

What followed was probably the greatest thing we saw all year. Mr Makarov, I kid you not, proceeded to take Lola over his knee, and give her the spanking of a lifetime! She was crying, sobbing, yelling, and we were all looking at her, us and the other team. He pulled her shorts down and carried on spanking her with his large, scary hands. The referee was taking care of the poor girl who’d faceplanted and seemed to be totally ignoring what was going on, but I could see he was grinning too. There was a murmured OoooOOOooh when Mr Makarov pulled Lola’s panties down, exposing her to everyone. By then, she was begging and begging for him to stop, threatening to tell everyone from her mum to the Prime Minister; I don’t think Mr Makarov cared, and she wouldn’t have found a single witness to back her up. Once we cropped him out, though, nothing stopped the pictures from making the rounds, and for the rest of the year, Lola got a taste of her own medicine as everyone, even her previous “friends” mocked or ignored her in equal measure.