Elven Kingdom Academy

Hey there people, long time no see! Les franchouillard(e)s, regardez un peu plus bas (en gras)

I haven’t been idle all this time; in fact, I was working on a game! And chapter one is now finished, yay!

You can find it on itch.io !

Here is a description:

Dark times are coming to the Elven Kingdom of Queen Elanil…

Play through a kinky adventure featuring lots of elves getting soundly spanked! Explore the Royal Palace, brave the Dark Forest and its newly-awoken monsters.

Discover the Royal Academy and its secrets, strict teachers and classmates to befriend, romance, and more!

This release contains the prologue and chapter one – the Academy

Chapter 2 coming May 2022!


  • A fantasy adventure full of characters to interact with!
  • Over 50 different spanking scenes
  • Choices that will affect the story
  • Monster to fight, secrets to unfold!
  • A developing story!
  • Gallery with over 100 pictures to unlock! 
  • Achievements and high scores
  • English and French version

This release contains the prologue and chapter one — it’s free! See the rewards if you want to support ^^

Pour les francophones, le jeu a une version française! Vous pouvez changer la langue dans les préférences. La traduction a sans doutes quelques problèmes par-ci par là (de genre, surtout, vu que le fichier de trad’ ne donne pas de contexte), mais elle sera mise à jour si je trouve quoi que ce soit ^^

And a few pictures


As Gesperax pointed out, there aren’t any Batarian females in the games! That’s all the excuse I needed, really, but now that the Mass Effect trilogy remaster has been officially announced and that another game is in development… 😀

An interview…

Khalisah al-Jilani, for those not familiar with the MassEffect series of games, is a journalist. And a damn annoying one at that, very hostile in her on-camera interviews with you, the protagonist, and always trying to paint you into a corner. She appears in the 3 first games of the series and never gets less infuriating… Ever since I first stumbled into her web of lies and deceits, I’ve been thinking that she deserved a good spanking… On camera of course!